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Some Sonic Locations Sell 10-lb Bags of Their Famous Ice

Sonic Drive-in is known for three things: carhops bringing your food on rollerskates, retro burgers and fries, and the best dang crunchy ice that you've ever had. People love the little frozen nuggets so much they ask for an extra cup of chewable ice whenever they find themselves craving it. Heck, Even Texan Matthew McConaughey has shared his love for the ice cubes in a recent GQ article, sharing that he installed an ice machine in his home to replicate the ice. "He had the coolest house on the block and a view of half of California," wrote Spong for Texas Monthly. "And all he cared about was his ice maker." We don't blame him, some ice, like fast food giant Sonic, has somewhat of a cult following.

So what makes Sonic ice so different than cubed or crushed? It's the shape, shares Scott Uehlein, VP of Product Innovation and Development at Sonic. During a recent interview with GQ he shared, "The ice melts at an optimal speed without diluting the drink flavor too much," making it perfect for a drink like their famous cherry limeade.

Sonic's ice features a soft crunch that die-hard fans call "the good ice". Thankfully, some Sonic locations even sell bags of ice at a very reasonable rate! However, if you really want to enjoy Sonic-style ice 24/7 you might want to consider installing a nugget ice machine in your kitchen.

Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker is one of the most popular ice machines on the market. Ice lovers swear that this nugget ice maker is the best of the best due to its countertop size. Schedule your ice maker to start pumping out ice from your mobile device, and sit back while it does all the work.


Looking for something a little bigger than a countertop ice maker? Try the stainless-steel Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine. Complete with a drain pump and the ability to produce 80 pounds of ice a day, this under-counter ice maker is all set to provide your entire party with as much pebble ice as they want. Who knows, maybe Matthew McConaughey might make an appearance.

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