The Difference Between Bleach and Splash-Less Bleach

Does Splash-less Bleach Disinfect?

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Do you know the different between bleach and splash-less bleach, or what that even means? I didn't — and when I recently had bleach on my shopping list, I came across both, and was unsure of what I should actually pick up.

So what is it?  It turns out that splash-less bleach is more commonly used to brighten clothing or use on a load of white towels or sheets. It's a lot thicker than regular bleach, hence why it's called splash-less — it will protect your clothing from getting splashed as you drop it in the wash. It also has a controlled spout for easy pouring. Regular bleach is more commonly used for cleaning and disinfecting, but it does run the risk of getting all over you, so remember to wear your oldest T-shirt when cleaning with it. Although there has been some confusion on the internet as to whether splash-less bleach can be use to disinfect, the EPA has confirmed that this type of bleach does in fact disinfect. You can use both for that purpose, but we like using the splash-less for laundry and the regular by diluting in some water to clean.

You can use bleach to clean things like high-touch areas, trash cans, outdoor furniture, and toilets. Plus, it has many uses for around the yard or garden. For instance, you can use bleach to clean your flower pots when transferring different plants to new pots to avoid spreading plant disease and mold. Make sure you're using the right ratios and that you're in a well-ventilated area (and don't mix it with anything that can cause harmful vapors — read some important info here).

1. The Splash-Less Bleach

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2. The Classic Bleach