Two Former 'Voice' Contestants Tied the Knot After Meeting on The Show, According to John Legend
Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Two Former 'Voice' Contestants Tied the Knot After Meeting on The Show, According to John Legend

You never know where you're going to meet your soul mate. The Voice coach John Legend revealed recently that two of his former team members got married after meeting on the show. The two felt a connection that blossomed in real life.

Legend, of course, is talking about John Holiday and Rio Souma. Both appeared on Season 19 of the show in 2020. Fast forward two years later to 2022, and the two tied the knot in Houston. Former mayor Sylvester Turner officiated their wedding. The two celebrated their marriage on social media. Holiday wrote, "Fresh off of our honeymoon, I'd love to share a few more photos with you, from our Celestial Dream. It was TRULY a fairytale....more to come."

It's also inspired some new music as well. In an interview with Celeb Mix, Holiday said he connected with his song "Waste Mine" due to his relationship with Souma.

He said, "'Waste Mine' is the beautiful song that I first heard, back in early-summer of 2020.  Immediately, upon hearing the song, I ran over to my now-fiancee's, Rio Souma, hotel room to let him hear the song because I believed that it was the closest representation of what I felt about him and our budding relationship. For me, it was such a specific fairytale story that I believed was happening in my life. All at once, the song represents the butterflies I felt about Rio's and my new relationship, but it also showed that love was possible. "

'The Voice' Contestants Fall In Love

Appearing on the show changed Holiday's life for the better. He compared it to a fairytale happy ending. He said, "That relationship has changed my life. It opened my eyes even more to possibilities that love, in fact, was still available to me. That fairytale endings are happening all around me. Love finds a way through and through. Honestly, it's the most beautiful love story."

In Season 19, Souma ended up getting knocked off during the Battles stage, but Holiday made it all the way to the Finale where he placed fifth. It's ironic that Holiday found love on the show because he initially didn't want to appear on The Voice.

Speaking to Outsmart Magazine, Holiday said he initially declined  to appear on The Voice. "Not because I didn't want to do it, but because I didn't have the time," he said "I have been booked back-to-back for the majority of my career, and I consider that a really big blessing in my life."

However, the pandemic opened his schedule up a bit.

"Everything was canceled in the art world during that time, so my window of opportunity opened. The Voice miraculously called me again, asking me if I would audition," the singer continued. "So I went on an audition just like everybody else. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew that I was going to give it my all."