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Turn Your Trampoline into a Bed Swing With This Perfect Fall DIY

If you want to discover the perfect backyard DIY, then look no further than this DIY trampoline day bed. You can take your old trampoline and turn it into a comfy swing bed in a few easy steps, which is one of the easiest design ideas you could find.

This hanging bed DIY idea is all over Pinterest and for a good reason. There must have been a lot of people out there looking for ways to repurpose their trampolines, and the result is a seriously cool addition to your outdoor area. Get ready to hang out outside all year long. And by hanging out, I mean sleep and lounge on your comfortable hanging swing.

Porch swings and backyard furniture can be costly. This entire project will only set you back around $60. The best part is you can do whatever you want to customize the trampoline swing to your own needs. Do you want to fit multiple people on it? Perfect, use a bigger trampoline and use it as more of a floating bed or sofa that people can lounge on. Do you just want a hanging chair or outdoor swing? Use a smaller trampoline as the perfect spot for one.

Here's everything you'll need for this easy DIY:

A trampoline (the perfect excuse to upcycle that small trampoline collecting dust at the back of your closet)

Pool Noodle (protection from trampoline springs pinching you)



Spray Glue

Papasan cushion (or memory foam mattress if using a larger trampoline)

Here's what to do:

Take off the trampoline legs

Cut the side of a pool noodle in half so you can wrap it around the trampoline frame

Cover the pool noodle in spray glue and wrap with the fabric (decorative and protects the outside)

Wrap the rope around fabric wrapped pool noodle (more to create a finished look)

Take the rope and loop to hang on three sides (where the legs were) while leaving one side open to get on

Hang it from something sturdy like a backyard tree or pergola

Add the papasan cushion, throw pillows etc


Voila! Your DIY daybed is ready for lounging on your outdoor porch or yard. Grab a book and a glass of wine and unwind.

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