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5 Books That Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Train Travel

If you have a memory of sitting at the train station, or just long for train travel, then it's time to get on a train. In a day and age where you can travel by car, bike, or even scooter, it seems like train journeys are a thing of the past.but

Train rides are alive and well! Who says the only way to travel long-distance is by airplane? There are plenty of regional trains, and cross-country train rides for you to experience. Until you make it official with train tickets, consider reading a train guidebook. These travel guides will prep you for everything you need to know.

Train Travel Guides

1. All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide


Jim Loomis wrote a beneficial guidebook for novice train travelers. He doesn't jump into onboard tips first. He starts with the basics, such as booking trips for the first time, packing for an overnight train ride, avoiding pitfalls, and more. He's even got you covered with railroad history!

If anyone has the credits to tell you all about traveling, it's Jim Loomis. Loomis has taken a trip on every single Amtrak long-distance train. Wow. I bet he knows departure times like the back of his hand.

2. Tourist Trains Guidebook, Seventh Edition Paperback


Here at Wide Open Country, we're excited by dinner trains and scenic rides. Not only does this book cover excellent train trips, but it tells you all about trolleys, museums, and more. With 500 attractions to read about, you're bound to leave this book with quite a few destinations to cross off your bucket list.

3. Amtrak's Best Kept Secret:: A guide to traveling the U.S.A. with a Rail Pass Paperback

If you're hopping on a high-speed train for the first time, check out Acevedo Estefanía's train guide. Look no further than her best-kept secrets if you've been eyeing a rail pass. She took her two children on a 30-day trip around the United States. She had a spectacular trip with her family, and if she can plan a train trip for kids to enjoy, I bet she gives great onboard tips and tricks.

From hygiene, staying entertained, and traveling coach, this guidebook has you covered with helpful teachings.

4. USA by Rail: plus Canada's main routes (Bradt Travel Guide) Paperback

After you read this guide, you'll want to get your round-trip ticket booked soon! John Pitt's guide features 25 long-distance trips across the United States and 12 in Canada. With maps, security, and immigration information, you won't leave home without some helpful tourist information.

A customer review from Europe said, "Don't travel or plan without it!" That brings me to a new idea. How lovely would it be to see some breathtaking European countries by train? Imagine all of the European cities that trains pass through. I'd love to see Barcelona and Brussels. Check out Eurail and Eurostar for more European travel information.

5. Tourist Trains Guidebook Paperback

Another guidebook that'll have you jumping on seat reservations is the 5th edition of Tourist Trains Guidebook. It is a few years older than the 7th edition, but it's still a great resource. If you're not sure where to start with train travel, this is a fantastic start.

This guidebook will tell you all about a place and how to get there. With nearly 200 reviews written by Trains magazine staff writers, you'll know you can trust the experts behind the reviews.

Next time you find yourself looking up train schedules near you, consider a train guide. It could give you the confidence you need to feel comfortable about traveling the world by train.

This post was originally posted on February 18, 2020.

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