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A Portion of This Small Georgia Town is For Sale for $1.7 Million

Editor's note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the entire town of Toomsboro is for sale. According to WGXA News, about 30 pieces of property in the town of Toomsboro are for sale — not the entire town. We regret the error. 

If you've got a million bucks lying around, why waste it on a fancy mansion when you can buy part of a town? Several properties in the charming small town of Toomsboro, Georgia are currently on the market and it's situated just two hours outside of Atlanta in South Georgia. According to the town's for sale website, for $1.7 million, you can buy a historic inn, a syrup mill, an opera house, a schoolhouse, a railroad depot, a cotton warehouse, a restaurant, a barbershop, a water wheel, a grist mill, a workshop, a filling station and several houses on its 40 acres of land.

Former owner David Bumgardner first listed his real estate for over $2 million back. He had dreams of revamping the Georgia town and turning it into a tourist attraction. He was working on renovating the historic Willett Hotel and, according to Atlanta Magazine, had been buying up houses after people left town or passed away. But after the economy crashed, he just wasn't in a position to keep working on his project. 

"We have an affinity for historic towns and entertainment," Bumgardener's son Tim told AJC. "This is a diamond in the rough. We drove through it (back in, like, 2001) and saw possibilities. It was our dream. Unfortunately, things change."

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The Bumgardner's had purchased Toomsboro from Bill Lucado, a former music producer based in Macon. His initial plans to revamp the total area downtown involved shutting down the two big attractions that the town still had open, the Swampland Opera House and the restaurant. 

The town is hopeful that new owners will be interested in preserving their historic properties instead of just bulldozing it for new development.

"We want people to understand your're not purchasing the whole town of Toomsboro, you are only purchasing the property Bumgardner will sale," Toomsboro Mayor Joyce Denson told WGXA.

So if you're interested, you better have plans of fixing up that old opera house and syrup mill instead of building a ton of new apartment complexes. Though it's clear that the town is just too out of the way to become a huge tourist hot spot, someone out there has got to be creative enough to figure out a way to revamp this small town. It would be a perfect spot to capture small-town life in TV shows or films!

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