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The 11 All Time Best Tom Selleck Movies

Other than Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck is one of the most iconic mustached leading men in Hollywood. He became a household name playing private investigator Thomas Magnum on Magnum P.I which he got to film in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii. Talk about ideal. He even won an Emmy Award and Golden Globe for the performance. These days he's best known for playing New York City Police Chief Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods on CBS, but he's had a successful career for decades. Heck, the man was almost Indiana Jones!

While many fans know him as a movie star, Selleck is honestly the king of TV, appearing on a slew of TV shows over the years including Boston Legal, Las Vegas, The Closer, The Young and the Restless, and Charlies Angels. He even revamped his career after a brief hiatus playing Monica's boyfriend Richard Burke on Friends.

Though we love his TV performances, we've rounded up all of Selleck's best movies from his iconic career.

1. Quigley Down Under

Potentially one of Selleck's most memorable film roles is playing American cowboy Matthew Quigley in the Outback of Australia. Alan Rickman stars as the memorable villain Elliott Marston. Quigley shows off his incredible shooting skills and ends up becoming a hero among the Aboriginals. You may not immediately associate classic westerns with Australia but trust me...this is one of the best.

2. Monte Walsh

Co-starring Isabella Rossellini and Keith Carradine, this TV movie is a remake of the 1970 film that was based on the western novel by Jack Schaefer. Set in Wyoming, the story follows cowboys out on the range in the final days of the Wild West.

3. An Innocent Man

This crime thriller stars Selleck as James Rainwood, an aeronautics engineer for American Airlines who gets framed by dirty police officers and is sent to prison. On the outside, his wife Kate fights to get evidence against the crooked cops that could free her husband and give them their lives back. 

4. Three Men and a Baby

Talk about the most iconic 80s trio — Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg star as three successful bachelors living together when one day a baby ends up on their doorstep. Though the child is technically Danson's, Selleck and Guttenberg become incredibly attached to the baby while also fighting off drug dealers. The comedy film was so popular it got its own sequel a few years later that picks up with the same group, Three Men and a Little Lady

5. Last Stand at Saber River 

This made for TV western stars Selleck as a Civil War Confederate veteran trying to get his life back together out on the American frontier. He must join together with former Union soldiers in order to claim back his Arizona ranch from renegades. 

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6. Mr. Baseball

Selleck plays aging baseball star Jack Elliot who gets traded from the New York Yankees for a hot new recruit. He finds himself playing for the only team that will have him — the Nagoya Chunichi Dragons in Japan's professional baseball league. While initially met with a culture shock, Jack ends up finding love and revamping his career in the most unexpected place. 

7. Crossfire Trail

Based on the Louis L'Amour Western novel, Selleck stars as Rafe Covington, a wanderer who makes a promise to his dying friend that he will look after his wife and ranch in Wyoming. Turns out it wasn't an easy promise to make because there are others who want to claim the widow and land for themselves. When the TV film premiered in 2001, it was one of the most-watched TV movies of its time. 

8. Lassiter

This spy film starring Selleck and Jane Seymour is also best known as the movie where Selleck met his longtime love Jillie Mack while filming in London. The story follows Selleck playing a sophisticated jewel thief in the 1930s. The film was initially meant to capitalize on the popularity of Magnum P.I but didn't really see the results at the box office. Regardless, it's a fun film and per usual, Selleck is great.

9. The Shadow Riders

Another TV movie based on a Louis L'Amour novel, The Shadow Riders stars Selleck and Sam Elliott as two brothers who, after fighting for opposing sides during the Civil War, return home to discover their family kidnapped. They must join together if they ever want to see their siblings again. Selleck and Elliott had previously starred together in the TV movie The Sacketts.

10. The Jesse Stone Saga

Definitely one of Selleck's most well-known TV movie roles is playing the small-town police chief Jesse Stone in a series of films based on Robert B. Parker novels. Selleck has starred in nine TV films as Jesse Stone including Stone Cold, Jesse Stone: Sea Change, Jesse Stone: Night Passage, and Jesse Stone: No Remorse

11. In & Out

One of Selleck's more unexpected roles comes in this hilarious comedy opposite Kevin Kline. Kline plays a high school teacher who gets "outed" by his former student during his Oscars acceptance speech. Though Kline's character tries to maintain that he is straight, entertainment reporter Peter Malloy (Selleck) decides to cover his upcoming wedding and ultimately prove that he really is gay. It's a classic 90s comedy with some major co-stars, such as Matt Dillon and Joan Cusack. 




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