Toby Keith's Kids Take Over Late Singer's Work To Fight Cancer
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Toby Keith's Kids Take Over Late Singer's Work To Fight Cancer

Toby Keith may be gone, but his legacy is in safe hands. The late singer's kids have stepped forward to help lead some of Keith's most important work with OK Kids Korral. The latter is an off-shoot of the Toby Keith Foundation, designed to give a cost-free home while children are undergoing cancer treatment.

Keith's kids held the annual charity event from May 31 to June 1.

"I would say — and he had said — this is one of the greatest gifts he could give the world was the Korral. So, this is one of the things that he looked the most forward to, and I think this is the thing that my siblings and I have discussed being kind of our purpose from this point forward," Krystal Keith told The Oklahoman.  "Obviously, it's hard, because this is the first one without him. ... But we're excited to kick off what the future is going to hold for this foundation."

Speaking at the gala for the event, Krystal reflected on the importance of the OK Kids Korral and how it has helped kids over the years.

"We have known and loved you guys for 20 years, and many of you have been here every single year," Krystal Keith told the crowd "We appreciate the dedication that you guys have put into this foundation and my dad's mission to provide something like the OK Kids Korral. It really does benefit so many kids."

Toby Keith's Kids Carry Torch

Krystal said she got first hand experience with OK Kids Korral when her oldest daughter Hensley got bit by a brown-recluse spider. She ended up in the intensive care unit at Oklahoma Children's Hospital OU Health. "So, I know how important it is to have that right there, so close to the hospital, personally," she said.

Over the years, Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic raised $18 million for the foundation. Krystal said someone had to step up and lead with her father gone.

"Somebody has to carry the torch, somebody has to lead the charge in raising money and making sure that this foundation is able to continue to support the Korral. So, we've already started stepping into those roles in making sure that we are helping to build those relationships," Krystal Keith said. "The work still has to be done. And we're here to do it."