Tiny Mermaid House
Sam Winstrom/WWLTV

Mysterious Tiny Mermaid House Found Floating Across the Gulf of Mexico

The mystery behind a tiny mermaid house that was found gliding across the Gulf of Mexico has been solved.

On Thursday (Aug. 3), the U.S. Coast Guard found a tiny floating dock with a brightly-colored shed drifting 180 miles south of Grand Isle, La. The side of the shed featured a painting of a mermaid, sea turtle and octopus.

After determining that no one was aboard the vessel, the Coast Guard began asking the public for any information. Several reports came in while the shed floated aimlessly in the Gulf.

Just hours later, the owners of the floating vessel came forward. It appears that that the mermaid and her sea creatures traveled quite far from home.

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According to WWLTV, officials say the dock came from behind the Parrot Key Hotel in Key West, Fla. That's approximately 500 miles from the area it was last discovered.

There is no information on if or how the dock will be returning to its original location.

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