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This Guy Transformed a Vintage Firetruck into a Spacious Tiny Home on Wheels

What would you do if you were handed a 1953 GMC Firetruck? Pro snowboarder Austin Smith turned his into a home on wheels.

Smith basically travels for a living and was looking for a way to always be at home. So, he decided he'd turn his vintage fire truck into a tiny house, and it's downright delightful.

The exterior of his tiny home on wheels is sided with wood with (of course) fire engine red trim and matching door. The amenity list rivals most tiny homes: sleeping space for two, kitchen, mini wood-burning stove and a small porch outside. Plus, he's got plenty of snowboard racks on the side of his home. Thanks to the multiple windows, wood floors, and bright white walls, the interior of Smith's home seems quite large.

Powered by rooftop solar energy, Smith hasn't had a problem keeping the lights on, even during the cold, winter months. He also made sure to install plenty of hidden storage areas and hooks to hang all of his gear. He has a tiny grill for use on his wood stove and uses a large Yeti cooler as a fridge.—FCUu/?taken-by=austinbsmith

It looks like having your home on vintage wheels comes with challenges, but it all seems worth it to Smith. There's plenty of room for him and a few friends, all the necessities, and a whole lot of unique. His tiny home on wheels is pretty much perfect.

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