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Tim McGraw Opens Up About Date Nights With Faith Hill and It's So Romantic

Tim and Faith's date nights include candles and '80s music.

Now that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's three daughters have moved out, the couple has officially entered the "empty nester" phase of their life, and they're taking advantage of it. In an interview with People, McGraw says he and Hill are enjoying their quiet date nights now that their daughters — Gracie (26), Maggie (25) and Audrey (21) — are out of the house. From McGraw's description, these date nights usually occur at home and sound very romantic.

"We'll cook a big dinner at home and light candles all over and turn '80s music on," McGraw says of his dates with Hill.

In fact, McGraw jokes that he and Hill often usher their daughters to go back to their respective homes when they've been visiting for awhile.

"We try to have those often. In fact, when the girls get home now, it's like, 'Haven't you been here a little too long?'" he adds.

Although McGraw and Hill enjoy their alone time, they still spend plenty of quality family time with their daughters. The family often shares photos of their holiday celebrations and hilarious theme nights. McGraw also shared that they recently had their daughter Audrey and a few of her friends over, and they enjoyed a night of trivia.

"I think Faith won, if I'm not mistaken. Or actually I think I won, but I better say she did," he says.

McGraw and Hill's daughters are busy forging their own paths. Gracie is currently pursuing a Broadway career in New York City, and she often shares videos from her various shows. The couple's youngest, Audrey, is also a talented vocalist and also shares singing clips on social media. While their middle daughter, Maggie, doesn't seem to be pursuing a music career, she also possesses impressive vocal talent.

McGraw recently expressed his desire to collaborate with his entire family, but he says his daughters shot him down.

"They'll sing with Mom," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm probably not on par with the rest of them. I'm the worst singer in the family."