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How to Make the Perfect Texas Pecan Praline

There may be many things that come to mind when you think about Texas, but nothing rolls off the tongue sweeter than Texas pecan pralines. No, we're not talking the soft and chewy kind. We mean the hard, crispy ones that pack a punch and plenty of crunch.

Pecan pralines have been enjoyed by southerners for some time now, but the origination actually comes from France. According to Southern Candymakers, a cook who worked for a high powered sugar industrialist in the seventeenth century invented the candy originally made of melted sugar, cream and almonds. When the French migrated to Louisiana, the recipe came along with them.

Soon after, they became wildly popular and were a main source of income for Mexican immigrants. Though gathering, shelling and turning the pecans into a candied praline took work, it only required the cost of a bucket and sugar. Pralines today are still a significant symbol of heritage in Texas. Did you know the state tree is actually the Pecan?

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You'll still find the decadent aroma of pralines lurking on corners in street carts and in Mexican restaurants, but the good news is, if you have some time and patience, you don't have to stop at either to enjoy them.

Making your own pecan pralines takes some discipline, but is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. With only a few simple ingredients, patience and a little bit of time you can make your own Texas-style pecan pralines at home.

This step-by-step video from I Heart Recipes gives you everything you need to bake the sweet treat yourself. It makes the perfect amount for sharing, but hopefully, you will have enough willpower not to keep them all for yourself.

This post was originally published on October 23, 2017.

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