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10 Best Places to Get Pecan Pies in Texas

Today (Jan. 23) marks National Pie Day. To celebrate, we're spotlighting the best places to get Texas' signature pie: pecan. Though the state tree of Texas has been the pecan since 1919, it was only in 2013 that the Texas legislature passed a resolution making pecan pie the official pie of the Lone Star State. Aside from the fact that this is a mind-boggling waste of time in any legislative session, pecan pie is pretty dang wonderful, and official or not, Texans love it.

Alongside dewberries, most Texans have memories of collecting pecans that could be cracked and eaten, or made into pies. Harvesting pecans is one of the ways grandma could get all the dern kids out of the house and into the yard to keep them busy while she prepared the turkey for Thanksgiving.

This time of year, we all start reminiscing about those days, so in case you haven't begun harvesting and cracking your pecans to hand-make your grandma's recipe, here are 10 of the best places to buy pecan pies in Texas.

10. Pie in the Sky Pie Co., Conroe

This hometown bakery in the North Houston suburb of Conroe has captured the hearts of locals. The Southern Pecan Pie is made with pecan halves and baked fresh in store. They also offer a chocolate pecan which is equally scrumptious. Pie in the Sky is open for breakfast and lunch, too, if you must eat something alongside your dessert.

9. Upper Crust Bakery, Austin

Located on Burnet Road, Upper Crust Bakery has a delectable pecan pie that will have you coming back for more. Locals swear by it, stating that even if you don't like pecan pie, you'll like the one at Upper Crust. This Austin bakery has been delighting Austinites for around 30 years now, and has yet to disappoint.

8. Biti Pies, Amarillo

The confections baked at Biti Pies in Amarillo make up in taste what they lack in size. Featured on the Food Network's "Man Vs. Food", the bakery makes an incredible tiny pecan pie that is simply scrumptious and just the right size for one. If you're feeling fancy, give the chocolate pecan pie a try!

7. Berdoll's Pecan Farm, Bastrop

Weary travelers up highway 71 between Houston, Austin and parts in between have likely encountered Berdoll's blinking and scrolling red and black sign, which is the only thing for miles in either direction other than those pecan tree groves.

Step inside and you'll encounter an aroma that's like being wrapped up in a big cinnamon pecan praline hug. The pecan pies at Berdoll's are not inexpensive, but they're an event. Somehow Berdoll's manages to pack two and a half cups of pecans into their baked-fresh-daily pies. The best part of Berdoll's decadent delicacies? You can order them online and they will ship them straight to your door.

6. Pie Flutin' Pastries - Dallas

A mother-daughter baking team and a 75-year-old recipe combines brown sugar, Texas pecans and tradition for one of The Big D's best pecan pies. Pie Flutin' Pastries bake their pies fresh-to-order and offer an array of sizes for each menu item.

There's the classic pecan pie, but to mix things up, you can also order the Black Bottom Pecan Pie, which features a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom, while there is a bourbon chocolate offering, as well.

5. Must Be Heaven, Brenham

This little diner in Brenham, Texas combines three of your favorite things: bourbon, chocolate, and pecan pie. Of course, being in Brenham, diners also have the option to top their delicious pecan pastries with Texas ambrosia, Blue Bell ice cream, that is. With flavor combinations like that, the adorable old-fashioned diner is aptly named.

4. House of Pies, Houston

A little slice of heaven indeed. House of Pies has two locations in Houston, one on Kirby and one on Westheimer. Despite the name, House of Pies is also a restaurant and is open 24 hours a day, making it an attractive place for tipsy bar patrons to congregate after last call.

Houstonians delight in grabbing a warm, sweet slice of Texas day and night at House of Pies. The pecan pie at House of Pies is especially well reputed as being luscious and a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

3. Flying Saucer Pie Company, Houston

Located on Cross Timbers in Independence Heights, Flying Saucer Pie Company has satiated Houston's sweet tooth since 1967. The pecan pie is a local favorite, with a filling that is creamy and light, and the flavor is just right: not overly sugared or bland, and the top is absolutely covered in pecans.

The Flying Saucer is experiencing a time of mourning right now, having lost it's co-founder, William "Pie Bill" Leeson. The location is still open for business, however, since the holidays are their busiest time of year. In a statement on their website, the Flying Saucer stated, "We are committed to honoring his memory the best way we know how, by continuing to provide this city with fresh, homemade pies." For that, we are grateful.

2. Emporium Pies, Dallas

At Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, there's a drunken nut every pecan pie fanatic is sure to love. No, it's not your inebriated uncle after Thanksgiving. It's the bourbon-infused pecan pie with a shortbread crust that you'll be going nutty for.

1. Royers Pie Haven, Round Top

An offshoot of the famous Royers Cafe in Round Top, Royers Pie Haven has customers raving about Ann's Pecan Pie. Known for its light and delicate crust, Ann's Pecan Pie at Royers Pie Haven has just the right level of sweetness without being too heavy on the Karo syrup.

If you don't make it out to Round Top too often, there's another location in Austin on the main drag of UT campus, also known as Guadalupe. Regardless of where you're enjoying it, the recipe for Ann's Pecan Pie has even been featured in Texas Monthly, so the next time you're in Austin or Round Top, stop by for a slice.

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