This Moonshine Kit Has Everything You Need for Peach Moonshine (Minus the Liquor)

Hey Google, play "Moonshine" by Foy Vance and Kacey Musgraves. Alright, y'all. Not every liquor goes down well unless there's a sweet flavor added to it. Forget sippin' on vodka neat. Have you tried apple pie and peach cobbler moonshine? Peach syrup really takes Everclear to another level. Create your take on moonshine with a moonshine jug kit complete with a hillbilly inspired stoneware crock jug. Did someone bring the hooch or white lightening?

Thousand Oak Barrel's Moonshine Magic Kit needs to be in every moonshiner's kitchen. This kit comes with a one-gallon jug, growler bottle, apple, peach, and cherry flavoring, and instructions. The moonshine bottle is reusable. All you need to do is buy your spirit of choice, and mason jars that your grandparents would love.

Thousand Oaks Barrel | Personalized Moonshine Magic Kit

Watch out Discovery Channel, this moonshine jug kit might make us the next contenders for a new season of "Moonshiners." Customer reviews are fantastic. Be sure to submit the best nickname you have! Because it's going on the moonshine brown jug.

You can also go the other route and buy antique stoneware for your moonshine. They make incredible collectibles. You can find a variety of stoneware jugs and whiskey jugs in good condition on eBay, ranging from handmade decanters to folk art inspired stoneware moonshine jugs.

More Moonshine Essentials

1. Old Time Stoneware Shoulder Jugs (Gallon)

Missouri River has you covered with a brown top jug for your homemade moonshine.

2. NiceBottles - Glass Half Gallon Jug, Pack of 2

Store your apple pie and peach cobbler moonshine in these half-gallon jugs. Which one sounds yummier to you? I'm thinking peach cobbler moonshine is the winner.

3. True Fabrications 1/2 Gallon Amber Beer Growler with poly seal caps

Some may choose to keep their moonshine in beer growlers. These glass bottles do look like something bootleggers would use!

Of course, I'm not saying take a trip to the liquor store, but they are considered essential businesses. Making moonshine with your family could be a fun pastime while we wait out COVID-19.

For more ceramic jugs, visit Walmart.

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