These Volkswagen Stainless Steel Toasters Make Your Kitchen Look Even Butter

If you're an old soul living in a luxury studio apartment or a small beachside shack, here's your chance to add some history and character to your home. Not only will the Blue Volkswagen Camper Stainless Steel Toaster match your upgraded stainless steel home appliances, but the blue Volkswagen bus design will contribute to your kitchen's retro theme.

Just like this grilled cheese toaster, the retro toaster has an adjustable toasting dial to cook to your preference. For those picky eaters, there are six settings. The 2-slice kitchen gadget has high-quality features such as cancel, reheat, and defrost. Cleaning home appliances can be tricky, but this retro toaster has a crumb tray for easy cleaning. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to use this as a chance to reheat a leftover slice of garlic bread.

The features on this blue Volkswagen toaster already overshadow the options on your old plain Jane toaster.

Germany has created timeless models, but the Volkswagen Type 2 is iconic. This blue Volkswagen stainless steel camper toaster is a rare find. It hasn't been sold in Volkswagen dealerships for a while, but you can get the officially licensed Volkswagen campervan toaster here.

This official Volkswagen licensed camper stainless steel toaster would make a great gift for Volkswagen aficionados. For all the avid campers out there, there isn't a more perfect toaster than this for your Volkswagen Campervan. Your next road trip will also be a chance to add a Volkswagen camper toaster to your van kitchen. Also, the VW logo prints on the bread, how neat is that?

It's time to bring your kitchen together with unique home appliances like this blue Volkswagen Camper Stainless Steel Toaster.

If you haven't gotten to cleaning, don't worry. Make it your weekend project to throw out old kitchen appliances and have a grand time shopping for new kitchen gadgets like this Volkswagen camper toaster. It's time to create your cozy kitchen that matches your personality. Use the Volkswagen Camper toaster as inspiration for your retro-themed kitchen. Perhaps art pieces of your favorite bands from the '60s and '70s as wall décor?

You can ditch your old plain Jane toaster and get excited about a blue Volkswagen camper toaster with some healthy toast recipes to start your day. I think you'd be a happy camper with this one!

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The two-slice VW minibus toaster may be sold out (for now), however, this VW camper van logo tumbler is also an excellent gift idea for VW fans. Add it to your Amazon wishlist today.

This post was originally published on June 3, 2019.

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