Turn Your Kitchen into a 1950s Diner with These Retro Kitchen Items

No need to go to the diner when you can bring the diner to you, right? There are so many cool items that you can add to your kitchen to give it that hip and retro 50's feel that your old neighborhood diner typically has.

From tin signs to fountain glasses, this list of retro gear for your kitchen is sure to take you way, way back in time!

1. Creative Tin Eat Here Retro Wall Decor

There's no need to go anywhere else. Get this for your kitchen and let your guest know just where to go for just $24.99.

2. Campbell's Soup Can 60-Minute Kitchen Cooking Timer

"Honey, can you grab me a can of soup? No, no. Not the timer." This unique timer is one-of-a-kind and it's only $7.99.

3. Nostalgia RTOS200 Retro Series 2-Slice Bagel Toaster

Nostalgia is notorious for keeping things vintage and retro. They've got everything from hot dog makers to this bagel toaster which is only $29.93.

4. Large Vintage Milk Bottles with Carrier

These are perfect for storing milks and creams, and they're pretty enough to stand in as table decor.

Need a last minute vase? These bottles would make the perfect pair. Get this pair now for just $22.00.

5. Scentsationals Retro Collection-Radio

Is it a radio? Nope! It's a cute vintage radio look-a-like that serves as a wax cube burner.

Get this now and have your home smelling good for just $29.99.

6. Red Mason Jar Measuring Cups 

This retro mason jar doubles as a split measuring cup. It looks cute, but also helps you get the right measurements for only $12.36.

7. Retro 3-Piece Chrome Bar Stools and Table Set

Get the complete diner look with this table and bar stool set.

All the neighbors will be coming to hang at your cool spot with this set and it's only $147.00.

8. TableCraft Coca-Cola CC304 Vending Machine Toothpick Dispenser

Everyone loves toothpicks. After you serve up a delicious meal, allow everyone to take a toothpick from this cute dispenser.

I promise they will be forever grateful and it only costs you $14.85.

9. Schonberg - Today's Menu Tin Sign

No arguing here! You're getting what you get. This hilarious sign is just the touch you need for your retro kitchen and it's just $8.39.

10. Retro Condiment Caddy Set

Once you have your diner table all set up, you're going to need something to really complete the look.

This condiment holder will give your kitchen that retro diner look you're needing and it's only $17.35.

11. Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

If this doesn't throw ya back in time then I don't know what will. This retro clock is great for your kitchen or home and it's available for $21.54.

12. 6-Piece Fountain Shoppe Classic Ice Cream Soda Glass

Sip your way back to the fifties with these fun drink glasses. You can enjoy a refreshing soda or creamy milkshake in these retro glasses for only $27.15.

With all of these items, your kitchen will be the perfect blend of brand new and nostalgia. Spruce up your kitchen with these items and you'll be twistin' and shoutin' in no time at all.