This Is the Grilled Cheese Toaster on Every Cheese Lovers Wishlist

Calling all grilled cheese fans, stop what you're doing and get a load of this grilled cheese sandwich toaster. Yes, you read that right. The holy grail of toasters, the grilled cheese toaster is a thing thanks to a company called Nostalgia. Created I assume is only out of pure love for this childhood favorite, your life is about to get even simpler with this grilled cheese maker.

Think about all those times you made a grilled cheese sandwich. Did the cheese melt all the way? Or did you wind up with burnt bread and a semi-melty cheese? We've all been there. Reaching grilled cheese perfection with that beautiful golden brown bread and fully melted cheese can sometimes be harder than it should. With this toaster, you don't have to worry about that. You can make a perfect grilled cheese sandwich every time at the slide of a button.

Taking the concept of a regular toaster and combining it with the ability of a toaster oven, the Grilled Cheese Toaster is the ideal cooking device to make an easy grilled cheese.

To guarantee a great grilled cheese ever time, the toaster features two removable grill toasting baskets to keep your sandwich together. That means you can make two delicious grilled cheese sandwiches at a time to expedite the process of going back for seconds. And if you're worried about a grease fire, fear not because the baskets will catch any grease or melted cheese.

For those who may like their bread more or less toasty, there's an adjustable toasting dial to suit your doneness preference along with a control panel equipped with a cancel, preheat, and defrost function. While I haven't tested out the defrost button myself, I'm assuming it means you can prep your sandwiches ahead of time and bust them out of the freezer whenever you're hungry.

If you have any little hands in the house you can rest assured because the housing and handles have a cool touch so they won't get burned during the cooking process. Also, the cleanup is made easy as well with a removable drip tray that acts as a fallen crumb tray. As a bonus for those of us who have small kitchens with little counter space, it comes with a cord wrap so you can stow it away safe and sound.

The sandwich assembly part is left up to you, but I recommend good old fashioned white bread and American cheese. For those wanting something a little fancier out of their melty cheese sandwich, you should check out these 17 cheesy dreams. Once you have your ingredients assembled you can either butter the bread beforehand or toast it dry. The Grilled Cheese Toaster works both ways.

Not only is it efficient, it's also cheap! The toaster will run you $20 on Amazon with Prime. That's nothing compared to the price of a panini press.

If you'd rather be spending your time binge-watching a Netflix series or want the kids to make their own dinner for a change, I say fork out the twenty bucks and treat yourself to a gooey cheese sandwich. But be forewarned, this grill cheese toaster is so easy you may develop a 24/7 grilled cheese craving.

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