'The Voice' Viewers Felt Distracted By Show's 'IF' Promotion, Called Bears And Stuffed Animals "Creepy"
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'The Voice' Viewers Felt Distracted By Show's 'IF' Promotion, Called Bears And Stuffed Animals "Creepy"

It's hard not to feel like Monday night's episode of The Voice wasn't a fever dream. The show featured a crossover with the upcoming movie IF, which is about imaginary friends. So the episode featured plenty of bears and stuffed animals.

While cross-overs are all in good fun, perhaps The Voice got carried away a bit. Taking a look at social media, it's clear that the event didn't quite have the impact that production may have wanted. You see, these characters often factored into the performances themselves. With giant bears running around, it's a bit hard to focus on you know, the music.

The Voice got its start by promising to get rid of all the spectacle and focus on the raw talent of a person's voice. Well, it was hard for viewers to even focus on the singing last night. Several people took to social media to complain themselves. One person wrote, "No one wants to watch a dancing bear and pillow fight instead of seeing the artist while they sing.  That was just annoying and so not the place or time."

A Cute Or Creepy Distraction On 'The Voice'

Another person called the entire thing ridiculous. They felt bad for the singers who had to share the stage and try to steal back the spotlight for themselves. They wrote, "Watching one of our favorite shows, #TheVoice. This week's cross promotion with the movie #IF is ridiculous... Creepy dancing bears and stupid group songs, and the singers are losing out because of it. Some seriously unfortunate choices here."

One person found it adorable so at least not everyone is a critic. They wrote, "My nieces and I already said that we want to see the movie when it comes out. The characters are cute to me, even though lots of others are saying differently."

However, another person wanted to speak with production, saying, "Look, I need to speak to the Manager!  #TheVoice is there someone new in charge this season?  What ya'll doing? HAHAHA."

It's just hard not to feel that the animals distracted on The Voice. One wrote, "All these stuffed animal characters on stage although they're adorable as heck are making is so hard to concentrate on the singers!!" Another commented, "This stuffed animal theme going on is so creepy lmao. I get it's for the movie, but it's so bizarre ?  #thevoice."