'The Voice' Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite As Coach For Season 26
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'The Voice' Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite As Coach For Season 26

The Voice is gearing up for a new season, and it's ready to announce its coaches. The show is bringing back a fan favorite as coach for Season 26.

That's right, Gwen Stefani is making her return after exiting stage left. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And Stefani is ready to return to the hit show for another offering. Overall, the coach has enjoyed appearing on the show and hasn't made fast rules about a permanent exit. "It's still super fun, like, I'm only here because it's fun," Stefani previously opened up about the show to ET. "The coaching and actually getting to know your team after the Blinds is my favorite thing, 'cause it's like, the dream's there."

Stefani opened up previously about what it's like to coach the show without Blake Shelton by her side. "Let's face it. Blake, he's such a huge part of this show," she told the outlet. "I mean, he is The Voice in so many ways, so it does definitely feel weird to be back without him. It feels kind of like [my] first season, before I knew he existed," she added. "It's kind of weird, but it's also like, I'm having so much fun."

Also returning for a third straight season is Reba McEntire. Is she gunning for Shelton's record?"She did great. She didn't have to do anything," Stefani said of the singer. "She'd be like, 'I think you were great. I'd love to have you on my team,' and then they'd be like, 'I pick you!'"

'The Voice' Adds New Blood

McEntire previously raved about her time on the show after the first season. In an interview with People, McEntire said she enjoyed working with contestants and making friends with the coaches. "Working with the contestants, hanging out with the coaches. I've had so much fun. And the crew is wonderful. I've gotten to meet so many people that I'll never forget," she shared.

However, The Voice is also adding some new blood into the mix. This season will feature Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé as coaches for the first time. It will be interesting to see how this season's coaches gel with one another. The chemistry between coaches is one of the highlights of the show.