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'The Voice': Reba McEntire and Wynonna Judd Say Country Music Needs This 16-Year-Old Singer

"She's unique in a way that country music needs."

When three female singers from Team Reba took the stage for the The Voice Knockouts Monday night (Nov. 13) they brought everything they had with them. Ms. Monet, Rachele Nguyen and Ruby Leigh competed against one another, and Leigh chose to sing LeAnn Rimes' classic song, "Blue." Leigh impressed her coach McEntire as well as the other coaches with her performance of "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" during her blind audition. She showcased her classic country voice and yodeling skills yet again in her rendition of "Blue."

Rehearsals With Reba and Wynonna

Before Leigh took the big stage at the Knockouts, she worked with Wynonna Judd and McEntire in rehearsals. Judd said Leigh reminds her of a young Patsy Cline, and couldn't believe the singer is only 16.

"She's unique in a way that country music needs," Judd said during in interview after the segment.

Judd and McEntire gave Leigh good advice, and McEntire suggested Leigh stay in the heartbreak of the song and not do anything too "happy" onstage. That's where McEntire and Judd slightly disagreed.

"Mom used to get mad at me for doing stuff like that, and that's why I did it," Judd said, referencing her late mom, Naomi.

"See? She's an ornery kid!" McEntire responded.

Knockout Performances

All three artists impressed the coaches during the Knockout performance. Both Niall Horan and John Legend commented that Leigh appears to be from a "different planet." Gwen Stefani also called her original and classic.

When McEntire spoke her singers, she praised them all for their performances, while telling Leigh that she reminds her of Patsy Cline. In the end, Leigh clearly had the staying power, as McEntire announced her as the winner.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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