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'The Voice': One Coach Makes an Enemy in Reba During First Blind Audition

"I am so disappointed in my fellow coaches."

Reba McEntire may not be wearing her "Queen of Country Music" crown (so far) on this season of "The Voice," but the other coaches should still be hesitant to mess with her. The singing competition show premiered on NBC on Monday night (Feb. 26), and McEntire had a rough start to the night when she was blocked during the very first audition. 

The first Blind Audition came from 31-year-old Dani Stacy, a musician based in Nashville. After giving a tour of her rolling home — an outfitted RV with working music studio — she stepped on the stage for a unique rendition of "I Will Survive." It only took a few lines of Stacy's acoustic rendition before the chairs started turning. John Legend turned first, followed by Chance The Rapper, McEntire and Dan + Shay. Stacy then launched into the chorus of the song, showcasing her controlled, raspy voice as well as her distinctive artistry.

After Stacy introduced herself, McEntire's wrath became apparent. While the viewers knew it was Chance who blocked her, McEntire had her eye on new coaches Dan + Shay as the perpetrators. Her ire then turned to Legend.

"I am so disappointed in my fellow coaches," she said.

Although the block cause her to miss her chance at bringing Stacy to her team, she called the artist "spectacular." The other coaches then gave their pitches to Stacy, with Chance promising to bring out "all the different influences" in her voice. Legend praised the "rasp" and "crackle" in Stacy's voice and said she's undoubtedly a soul singer. The other coaches criticized Legend for piling on the compliments.

"How many compliments can you give before it's like bribing them a little bit?" Chance said.

Dan + Shay praised Stacy's artistry as well. Shay Mooney, who has a history in R&B, promised to coach all the aspects of Stacy's voice. In the end, Stacy chose Chance, much to the coach's surprise.

After the audition, McEntire found out it was Chance who blocked her, and she had a word with him. Surprisingly, she then teamed up with Chance and hatched a new strategy to gang up on Legend.

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