You Won't Believe Who The New Coaches Are for 'The Voice'
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'The Voice' Fans Call Season 26 Coaches Most Unpredictable Yet

The Voice fans are reacting to the new lineup for Season 26, calling it one of the most unpredictable mix-ups yet. With Snoop Dogg in the mix, someone said the show better get ready for a censor.

The hit show is back this fall with a couple of new faces, Michael Bublé and Snoop Dogg. They will be alongside a returning Gwen Stefani and fan-favorite country crooner Reba McEntire. Reba did the honors in introducing Snoop at Radio City Music Hall. "Folks, we've got a rookie taking the chair. I can't wait for him to join us — so I can beat him," she jested, "Everyone, please welcome the D-O-double-G, Snoop Dogg!"

Snoop reacted to joining The Voice in a predictably Snoop fashion. He flipped his classic "Gin & Juice" intro to fit the show, "With so much drama in the LBC, it's kinda hard being Snoop on NBC," Then he gives his sales pitch as to why he'll be a perfect addition to the coaching lineup. "Since Reba is the queen of 'The Voice' who brings the sparkle, I can be the king who brings the style, the funk, and the fun," he said.

Fans React to New Lineup For 'The Voice'

The fans can't even begin to hold back their excitement for the upcoming season. A lot of them are imagining how certain coaching dynamics will play out on screen, the same way stars like Blake Shelton used to devour the screen. Take one user on X, reacting, "This is the best thing that's ever been announced if I'm being so honest, Reba and Snoop!?! I'll never get over this!"


Another wrote, "NBC better be ready on that censor when Snoop goes live."

It's obvious how much nostalgia is involved in having her as a part of the The Voice cast. With the potential hilarity of Reba and Snoop on the horizon and Bublé's expertise as a vocalist, Gwen Stefani fits everywhere in between. She also gives the show a much desired sense of familiarity that might wrangle in some old viewers. It'll also be sure to showcase a little bit of diversity. One X user put it best, "What I love about this lineup is that it means we're gonna get artists of various genres this time like the usual-pop, country, folk, R&B/soul + jazz, rock, alternative, indie, etc."