The Notebook House, located in South Carolina
Screengrab via YouTube

Here's How Much the House from 'The Notebook' Would be Worth Today


If you've ever watched The Notebook, you're likely familiar with "the house." Equal parts gorgeous and romantic, it's the iconic home that Noah (Ryan Gosling) builds to impress Allie (Rachel McAdams).

The home, which stars prominently in one of the most romantic movies of all time, undergoes a renovation to become positively breathtaking. Noah essentially flips a  home built in 1772 on his own for the love of his life, and the result is almost unbelievable.

Thanks to La Jolla realtors, we now have an idea as to what kind of cash you'd need to save up if you ever wanted a similar dream home. Spoiler alert: It's still pretty pricey, but perhaps not as exorbitantly expensive as you might have guessed.

Here's the lowdown: This five-bedroom, five-bathroom house would cost around $480,000 in Seabrook, South Carolina if you were to purchase a similar home today.


In the case of The Notebook house, the house used for filming does exist and someone currently lives in it. And you'd actually have to pay a lot more than what La Jolla estimates if you wanted to pay rent on it alone, especially since it's located in Martins Point Plantation, a 900-acre private community.

But that's about the size of the cost if you were to go about building a similar home. And with the housing market the way it is, that's a pretty good price, especially for a home as jaw-dropping as the one seen in The Notebook.

The folks at La Jolla gave estimates for similarly iconic movie and TV homes, and the results might shock you.

"While many of the homes in our research are fictional, this data gives an indication of how much they would cost in real life in the same area," said a spokesperson from La Jolla Realtors.


For instance, Friends fans might expect to pay a whopping $2,000,000 for the show's two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Manhattan, New York. And The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's pad is ridiculously expensive, too: a five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California? An eye-watering $9,000,000.

If you're interested in ever bringing your romantic dreams to life, a la The Notebook, you might want to start saving now.

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