Song Premiere: The Northern Belle's Defiant 'Gemini'

The Northern Belle, a seven-piece Norwegian folk band, drew inspiration from everyone from Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys to Nashville stars Kacey Musgraves and Erin Rae on their forthcoming album (out August 28).  In the spring of 2019, lead singer Stine Andreassen traveled to Nashville for three months to write the songs on We Wither, We Bloom, the band's third studio album and the first to be released internationally.

On "Gemini," an irresistible, dreamy number that sounds like a conversation between Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton, the band addresses the double standards women face.

"'Gemini' is about all the prejudice I've been met with because I'm a woman. It feels like I've had to work twice as hard as a man would, just to get some recognition," Andreassen tells Wide Open Country. "I'm supposed to be a perfect mother, a compassionate and composed human being and one who goes the extra mile. On the other hand, if I don't live up to certain expectations, I'm too emotional, or sensitive or a whore. You'll never win."
On We Wither, We Bloom, The Northern Belle blends Norwegian and Nashville traditions for a unique sound.
"I cried when we recorded the string quartet on the new album," Andreassen continues. "It's been a dream of mine. It's a fun mix of instruments on this record and it's really special that we have the Hardanger fiddle on a couple of tunes. I've been listening to country music for a long time and it feels special to include a bit of Norwegian tradition to the mix. I also love the sound. People have told me that they get Fleetwood Mac vibes when they listen to the songs and that makes me so proud! I hope the queen Stevie Nicks loves it too!"
Listen to "Gemini" below.

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