The Moment Fans Knew Billy Ray Cyrus' Marriage Was In Trouble
Photo By Instagram/billyraycyrus

The Moment Fans Knew Billy Ray Cyrus' Marriage Was In Trouble

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose are separating. Could be amicable, could get ugly. However, one thing is for darn sure. For every downfall a celebrity suffers, someone on the internet probably called it months in advance. For reference, the image for this article was posted by Cyrus on his Instagram six weeks ago on April 28.

Just so you aren't looking too closely when you don't have to, there's no hidden weapon, pained expression, or "Ohhhh" moment in the actual photo. Rather, things get interesting in Cyrus' posting patterns.

Prior to that photo, the only thing Cyrus ever seemed to be able to post about was Firerose. Quick, go check it out before he inevitably deletes all those pictures! Nearly every single post has Firerose in it. That's no exaggeration, either. But after that picture of them, the adorable pooch, and the river?


It's like Firerose ceases to exist beyond that moment. Immediately went from sole focus to non-factor. That realization was the first sign of the troubles to come.

But... maybe beyond Firerose, there were already significant telltale signs that now seem harder to ignore.

Billy Ray Cyrus' Relationship Is In Tatters, But Perhaps That Was Inevitable

You can't mention Billy Ray without mentioning a certain Hannah Montana megastar. To say Miley and Billy Ray have a "strained" relationship may be generous if we're listening to Miley speaking about her father to David Letterman on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

When asked if her dad was her hero, Miley responded, "I mean, honestly, my mom is my hero." She went on to flat-out say, "I also inherited the narcissism from my father." She punctuated that comment with a laugh, but it's a harsh statement to make if Miley felt there wasn't any accuracy to it.

Then again, the father-daughter duo has had a rocky relationship since Billy Ray's public, messy divorce from his previous wife, Tish. None of this is to imply that Billy Ray Cyrus is the reason why things with Firerose are evidently so terrible. But it would be disingenuous to report on such fan speculations without all the real facts and testimonies from those close to Billy Ray, no?