Billy Ray Cyrus Splits From Firerose Less Than A Year After Getting Married, Claiming Fraud
Photo By Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM

Billy Ray Cyrus Splits From Firerose Less Than A Year After Getting Married, Claiming Fraud

Billy Ray Cyrus is separating from Johanna Rosie Hodges — also known by her stage name, Firerose. Per CNN, Cyrus filed to annul the marriage according to a copy of the petition obtained by the outlet. The couple originally tied the knot in October 2023, and their impending separation clocks in at less than a year from then.

Cyrus' reasoning stems from, as he cited, "irreconcilable differences" and "inappropriate marital conduct." Cyrus is seeking an annulment, alleging that he "gave consent to marriage based on fraud" by Firerose. If he's not granted that, Cyrus intends to request a full-on divorce from the court.

TMZ outlines further details regarding the split. Within documents the publication has obtained, Cyrus gave Firerose a May 24 deadline to leave their home. Cyrus will pay Firerose $5,000/month for her to obtain suitable housing in Tennessee for a period of 90 days, or until the divorce is finalized. (Depending on whichever stipulation is met first.)

Billy Ray Cyrus Wants To Leave Firerose Citing 'Irreconcilable Differences'

It was only a scant few months ago when everything seemed to be going swimmingly for the pair. "10/10/23 will always be the beautiful, joyous day that our two souls united as one in holy matrimony," the duo wrote in a joint social media post. "It was the most perfect, ethereal celebration of love we could have ever imagined."

They even released four songs together: "After the Storm," "Time," "Plans," and "New Day."

On Good Morning America, they further emphasized the strength of their bond. "We're kind of like... It's a peanut butter and jelly," Cyrus claimed. "I'm a left-handed singer-songwriter from Flatwoods, Kentucky, and she's a trained orchestral musician."

"It has been a beautiful whirlwind and I'm just so grateful that I get to live my dreams every day with the love of my life," Firerose added. As of now, it remains to be seen what led to the pair's unfortunate issues and subsequent separation. At present, however, the world will have to wait and see. When we at Wide Open Country learn more about the situation, we'll be sure to update our readership accordingly.