The Horrific Moment John Force's Car Bursts Into Flames See Video
Photo By NHRA Communications

The Horrific Moment John Force's Car Bursts Into Flames: See Video

75-year-old drag racing legend, John Force, suffered a horrible tragedy when his car burst into flames without warning. At an NHRA event in Virginia, Force's car had a catastrophic engine failure as he crossed the finish line. Per Newsweek, the vehicle was a powerhouse, harnessing 10,000 horsepower. A video of the accident will be available down below, but be warned. It may be a difficult watch for some viewers.

Somehow, despite the crash's intensity, Force remained conscious, communicating with the safety crew at the scene. He was quickly taken to a nearby medical center and admitted into the Intensive Care Unit for further evaluation. The NHRA would release the following statement on its X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

"During the first round of Funny Car eliminations at the PlayNHRA Virginia Nationals on Sunday at Virginia Motorsports Park, John Force's Funny Car suffered an engine explosion at the finish line and then crossed the centerline, striking both guard walls before coming to a stop.

"Force was alert and was examined onsite by the NHRA Medical Team before being transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation."

Drag Racing Legend, John Force, Suffers An Accident Where His Car Burst Into Flames

Austin Prock, Force's teammate, was shaken by the incident. "He's one tough son of a —, I know that. He'll be back," Prock promised. "It's just tough to see somebody go through that. I hope he's all right. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I know he'll be back."

Force's daughter, Brittany Force, also spoke positively of her father's recovery chances and resilience. "My dad's going to be all right. I was in the ambulance with him, holding his hand. And he's one of the toughest people I know. So he'll bounce back, like he always does."

Brittany even found the nerve to hop back onto the track despite her father's accident. "It's something that's tough. We know that's a part of the drill. That's how this sport goes. I wouldn't be his daughter if I wasn't back up here in that car, trying to win this thing with this team for him."