Comedian Fred Omondi Passes After Fatal Bus Crash
(Photo via Instagram)

Comedian Fred Omondi Passes After Fatal Bus Crash

African Comedian Fred Omondi tragically passes away following a brutal accident in Kenya. Local authorities say his motorcycle collides with a Mitsubishi bus after riding on the wrong side of the road in the opposite direction.

According to the autopsy, Fred cracks his skull due to the impact of the crash. Laugh Industry Board Member and Churchill Show director Ken Waudo lends detail to the fatal accident. ""His head hit the bumper of the matatu," Waudo explains. "Actually, when you see it, the metal of the matatu is curved. And I think that impact was very strong. He had a cracked skull and the matatu had also pulled him, so he had a lot of fractures on the right side of his body, the legs and the hands and so many ribs were completely broken."

Moreover, the crash proves to be a massive catastrophe. The bus driver sustains multiple injuries, leaving him fractures in both his hands and legs. Additionally, Waudo says Fred's spine cracked in the devastating. accident. Ken adds that if Omondi miraculously survived, he would likely spend his days as a "vegetable."

Questions Surround Fred Omondi's Death

A close friend of Fred Omondi's, 2mbili, can't wrap his head around such a tragic event. He argues that the lack of details from reports and stories causes concern and plenty of questions. "The stories we are getting are not adding up," 2mbili emphasizes. "Fred riding a bike? Which bike and from where? He was hit by a bus. Where was the bus coming from? Eventually, the truth will be revealed. He used to care for himself before caring for people. Late in the night, Fred? Have you ever seen him with a motorbike?"

Condolences are in order for Fred Omondi's brother Eric, along with the rest of his friends and family.