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Texas Beaches: Swim, Fish and Lounge at These Lone Star State Getaways

The Lone Star State is full of adorable beach towns with stunning coastal views that will be perfect family-friendly destinations this Spring and Summer. Here are the 7 best beaches to visit in the state of Texas.

Snorkeling, sunbathing, and sand volleyball, here we come!

1. Boca Chica

Where the Rio Grande River meets the Gulf of Mexico, you'll find the southernmost beach in the state. The most endangered sea turtle in the world, the Kemp's ridley sea turtle, nests on these shores that are also full of countless bird species for beachgoers. Located on the Lower Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge, access to the beachfront is free for visitors.

2. South Padre Island

Located between the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre Bay, this beach destination has become a well-known spot for spring break each year. But its beautiful white sands make it a perfect summer getaway spot and ideal for pet owners since the beaches are pet friendly. 

3. Padre Island National Seashore


The longest barrier island in the world has some of the most beautiful blue water of any of the Texas beaches. Along the 70 miles of coastline, you can spot over 380 bird species, watch the sea turtle hatchlings release, or go kayaking in the Laguna Madre. Camp, swim, and enjoy the tidal flats at this stunning beach. Visitors pay $10 for entry, which you can learn about here

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4. Mustang Island


This barrier island runs for 18 miles between Padre Island, Corpus Christi, and Port Aransas. You'll get 5 miles of coastline with plenty of opportunities for fishing, kayaking, beachcombing, and more. The 4,000-acre Mustang Island State Park charges $5 for entry which you can schedule here. The park itself is ideal for nature lovers looking to split their time between the Texas coast and everything the state park has to offer. 

5. Rockport Beach

Named the first Blue Wave Beach in Texas by the Clean Beaches Coalition, Rockport Beach can't be missed. Located in Aransas Bay which is just over 3 hours outside of Houston or Austin, this beach is perfect for sand volleyball, lounging, and especially fishing. There is a $10 daily parking fee which you can learn more about here. There are no animals, cars, bonfires, or fireworks allowed on this beach so you know that you're getting a nice clean beach that will be perfectly relaxing.

6. San Jose Island

Take a quick ferry ride from Port Aransas and you'll end up on 21 miles of beach just 40 miles north of Corpus Christi. There are 600 species of fish in these waters and it's also the perfect spot to go looking for seashells on the car-free beach or bird watching for the over 300 species in the area. There's really not much else there other than the beach, but what more can you ask for?

7. Bolivar Peninsula 


Located between Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico is 27 miles of stunning white sands. As part of the Great Texas Birding Trail, the area is just as focused on bird watching as it is an ideal spot to lounge on the beach for an afternoon of sandcastles, kayaking, swimming, and more. There's easy access to the nearby Crystal Beach as well as a ferry that will take you from the peninsula to Galveston 24 hours/day.

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