Tennessee HOA President Violently Grabs and Snaps Teen's Fishing Pole In Viral Video
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Tennessee HOA President Violently Grabs and Snaps Teen's Fishing Pole In Viral Video

Talk about an overreaction! A Tennessee man, who apparently is an HOA president, violently confronted two teens fishing at a community pond.

The crazy viral video below shows the confrontation. Out of the gate, the Tennessee HOA president reacted angrily and violently. He rushed one of the teens and grabbed his fishing pole. He then snapped the 15-year-old's $200 fishing rod over his knee.

"Don't f-king touch my rod!" the other teen said. The TikTok fishing account Fishn_Shi shared the video of the encounter. It allegedly took place at the Admirals Landing neighborhood. The Tennessee HOA president then began yelling and threatening the teens. He claimed they were trespassing.

The teens wanted to wait for the cops.

"Leave," the man shouted at the boys. He continued to threaten them.  "You want that phone to go in the lake, young man?" he asked. "Don't test me."

"Get out of here ... you're fishing in a private lake," the man argued. "Get the hell out of here — now." He also threatened to pursue legal action against the teens as well.

"We're gonna prosecute you and you're gonna pay all kinds of money because you're being a d-k," he told one of them. That's when a woman in the background also threatened the teen, suggesting he was the HOA president.

HOA President Threatens Teens

"Hey listen, he knows everyone," she says. "He's the president, he's lived here for years."

"You don't live in here," she said.

After the video went viral, many came to the teens' side. They called out the HOA president for being violent and acting inappropriately towards the two teens. The situation didn't call for such a violent encounter, and for that I would have to agree.

"This dude has the nerve to roll up on them, swaying and slurring, sounding drunk ... then has the nerve to, with his whole chest, get in that kids face and call him the d-k in that scenario," social media influencer Michael McWhorter, known on TikTok as TizzyEnt, said in a post.

"I would put cash money on the fact that this guy ... has said some variation of, 'Oh, young people today, always with their face in their phones, playing video games. We used to have to go outside and entertain ourselves,'" the incredulous fellow fishing fan continued.

"And here's two young people outside fishing, harming no one."