Luke Bryan's Going Fishing With One Of His 'American Idol' Finalists
Photo By Kyle Rivas/Getty Images for Bass Pro Shops

Luke Bryan's Going Fishing With One Of His 'American Idol' Finalists

To say Luke Bryan is an American Idol darling would be a massive understatement. From his wholesome friendship with Katy Perry to his affable demeanor, Bryan stands out among his country contemporaries! In addition to being a good mentor to some American Idol contestants, Bryan extends his mentorship (and friendship) well beyond the confines of the competition.

Per Us Weekly, Bryan has an upcoming fishing trip planned. His partner? Why, no one other than Season 22 Idol runner-up, Will Moseley!

"Everyone always wants to know, 'Who was the coolest judge? Who was this? Who was that?' They're all so great in their own unique way," Moseley told the publication. "Me and Luke [Bryan] have a fishing trip planned out that we haven't cashed in on yet."

Moseley is complimentary of all Idol's judges across the board. "Each one of them had their own thing, and they're so supportive in their own unique ways," he said. "And I'm excited to see kind of how we work with all three of them in the future."

Luke Bryan Is Hanging Out With One Of 'American Idol's Most Promising Finalists

At the end of the day, Moseley had to deal with the inevitability of his talent!

"People pick me out of crowds," Moseley said. "It's been a really cool experience just to get people recognizing me and all of the attention that comes with that. And it's been so cool to just get to meet all of these people who have voted all this time."

He went on to talk about the adjustment of going out to restaurants and being noticed, signing autographs, and answering questions about his musical future. But, that's the price, man. What, did you think you were going to be left alone? Not with a voice like yours! Regrettably, that's the business.

Truthfully, he's a better person than most. Some people relish the spotlight — can't exist without its warmth. Others, like Moseley, trip and fall into superstardom.

Must be so difficult being so cool, Moseley. Seriously, though, Moseley has proven to be wholly deserving of his fishing trip with Luke Bryan. Maybe he can lure some fish to their boat like a siren.