Taylor Swift's Jet Targeted By Climate Activists
Photo By Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's Jet Targeted By Climate Activists

Right now, Taylor Swift is globetrotting, bringing the Eras Tour to fans far and wide! If whatever Swift is doing at any given moment is the main quest, then a side quest has reared its head over in the UK with the superstar's luxury plane. You see, two people "gained access" to (read: broke into) the Stansted Airport in London. They had two fire extinguishers filled with orange paint and were prepared to vandalize some of the planes stationed at the airport.

The two represent a climate activist group called "Just Stop Oil." They even have a fancy website! (Which I won't link to just to be safe, but you're an easy Google search away from it.) The group's mission statement is stated plainly on the website's front page.

"Our Government doesn't give a f— about its responsibilities. The country is in ruins. You know it, I know, they know it. That means it's up to us to come together and be the change we need. [They] need bold, un-ignorable action that confronts the fossil fuel elites. We refuse to comply with a system which is killing millions around the world, and that's why we have declared airports a site of nonviolent civil resistance.

We can't do this alone, we have a plan for this Summer, are you willing [to] help make this happen?"

Just Stop Oil had previously vandalized Stonehenge. They even have an X (formerly Twitter) account bragging about vandalizing Swift's plane.

Taylor Swift's Plane Is Vandalized By Climate Activist Group

The two activists, Jennifer Kowalski and Cole Macdonald, were quickly arrested for spraying two planes with orange paint. An interesting wrinkle presented itself, though, when the Essex Police claimed Swift's plane wasn't at the airport at the time. However, flight tracking data has shown Swift's jet landed in Stansted at around 11 PM the night before.

In fairness, Swift has courted controversy in the past due to her usage of private jets. Additionally, whether one of the planes belonged to Swift or not, Just Stop Oil got exactly what they wanted. They desired a spotlight, and surely enough, they now have quite a few of them (Wide Open Country now included)!

Their "Summer plans" appear to be going swimmingly. Stonehenge, Taylor Swift, and who's to say what their next target will be?