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13 Taylor Swift-Recommended Books Every Swiftie Should Read

Who wouldn't want to be a part of Taylor's book club?

Most of us would be wise to take any celebrity advice with a grain of salt. But Taylor Swift's influence is the exception. The superstar singer-songwriter has put everything from cocktails to cakes on the map. And, seeing as how she has a downright iconic way with words and stories, we can only imagine what kind of literary gems she's got on her bookshelf.

But despite what Kris Jenner might think, we can't just call Taylor up to get her favorite reads—and we don't have to. There's a website dedicated to collecting every book that famous singers, authors, actors, and the like have recommended in the press. It's called Ultimate Book List, and, luckily for Swiftie bookworms, Miss Taylor Alison Swift has been very open on the internet about what titles she currently has her nose in.

"(Without books) You can let little things pass you by, little details," she once told a group of elementary school students at a Scholastic Inc., event. "Like, say you're driving down the road and there's just this really beautiful autumn tree and it has these gorgeous orange leaves. You might just let that pass you by if you have never read books that describe how beautiful they are, from somebody else's perspective."

Swift told the kids that she has always been a reader and, back in the day, loved classic tales from the "Sesame Street" books and anything from Dr. Suess. But her horizons have since broadened to include a number of genres and authors that all have that quintessential Taylor Swift flair.

So, without further ado, here are 13 books that Taylor Swift personally recommends you read.

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