Taylor Swift Makes One Crying Young Fan's Dream Come True In Emotional Moment
Photo By Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Taylor Swift Makes One Crying Young Fan's Dream Come True In Emotional Moment

Taylor Swift is slowly becoming the most talked-about celebrity in recent history. The Eras Tour by itself is already a cultural touchstone, stimulating economies and fans in equal measure. Swift even "provoked" the ire of Foo Fighters' lead, Dave Grohl. Which seems to have tapered off as quickly as it randomly started.

Now, rather than speculating about her relationship with Travis Kelce, we all get to take a break for some good ol' wholesome content! Swift made one young fan's entire life by offering a hug — and giving up one of her prized possessions!

Yes, "prized possession" means "hat" in this instance. But if you're a Swiftie, anything Swift offers you is a prized possession. Heck, that applies if Swift would've given up one of her shoes to a fan. ...Weird implications notwithstanding.

"She has done this a 100 times and has such a genuine reaction every single time. She truly is not like us," one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said. You know, it's true. When it comes to Taylor Swift, a few conversation pieces immediately come to mind first.

Travis Kelce. People love hearing about the ups and downs of their relationship. Swift's wild dating history. ...The whole "ethical billionaire" talking point that comes up every so often. (There's an undercurrent regarding Swift's wealth and whether she should be considered "the world's first ethical billionaire." It's a whole thing.)

But we don't talk about the myriad of smaller moments Swift has with fans.

Taylor Swift Makes One Fan's Day With A Meaningful Gesture

There are so many performers who, quite frankly, don't care about their fans. To many musicians, fans may as well be hopping dollar signs when they fill out a stadium to see their favorite artist. Sure, it's a great honor and privilege to watch an artist do what they do better than anyone else on the planet. But when they lose that relatable aura, what's the point?

Taylor Swift, for all the criticisms against her (some valid, some just white noise), seems to care about the two things that matter most in her specific field of expertise. 1. Putting out good music and caring about the art and integrity of the medium. 2. Genuinely caring about the fans who assisted in making her as big a phenomenon as she is. "Ethical Billionaire"? Debatable. "Ethical Human Being"? For sure!