Taylor Swift Just Performed This Song For The First Time In 16 Years Thank Travis Kelce
Photo By Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Taylor Swift Just Performed This Song For The First Time In 16 Years — Thank Travis Kelce

From stimulating economies to stimulating fans' ears, Taylor Swift has had many accomplishments during her ongoing Eras Tour alone! In front of a sold-out Amsterdam audience, Swift performed a surprising mash-up of three songs. "Mary's Song," "So High School," and "Everything Has Changed." Of course, Swift drew inspiration from her current whirlwind romance with Travis Kelce.

When Swift closed on "Mary's Song," fans couldn't help but notice the slight variations that seemed too personal to be anything but an homage to Kelce. "I'll be 87, you'll be 89," were among the tweaked lyrics. Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs jersey number is 87. Swift was born in 1989 (and also has an album titled 1989).

The Swifties were inconsolable, taking to social media to honor the adorable moment. "Imaging making these 3 great songs to become 1 ultimate love story! Aaaahhhh, Taylor never fails to really tell an amazing story! A brilliant lyricist and storyteller!" one X (formerly known as Twitter) user said. At this point, Swift's storytelling/songwriting chops are indisputable. I love a well-told story myself, and though I'm not a Swift devotee, I can certainly acknowledge her greatness!

Taylor Swift Performed A Song Fans Have Been Waiting Years To Hear

"I wonder if today is a special date for them? It wasnt too much sooner than this last year they started seeing each other right? Seems like shes completely dedicated this mashup to him, why save it for today? I did think marys song would be the debut TV release surprise song," another X user stated. The theories are out, and fans are eager to dig into the reasons why Swift chose those songs at that moment in time.

I respect anyone who's willing to engage with anything on a deeper level. But when it comes to speculating about celebrities' lives, trust me, you're better off briefly humoring a theory and letting it go. You'll live a healthier life that way, I promise you!

"Hello, Travis Kelce. Here's your personal mashup. Ugh! They won SO hard with this. I'm DYING!!!!!" another Swift Scout says. ...Don't mind me, I like workshopping "fandom names" sometimes. Needless to say, this was a major moment in Swift and Kelce's relationship — both for them and for fans worldwide. Maybe the wedding bells aren't too far off!