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What Is Taylor Sheridan's Net Worth? Turns Out Creating 'Yellowstone' Pays Well

He has a very specific vision for his earnings.

Taylor Sheridan is a man of many talents, to say the least. In addition to being an actor, notably appearing in the hit series Sons of Anarchy, he's also an impressive director and screenwriter. In 2016, he landed an Academy Award nomination for screenwriting Hell or High Water. The following year, his critically acclaimed movie Wind River was released, which he both wrote and directed. When most people hear of Sheridan, though, they immediately think of the hit Western drama series Yellowstone

Sheridan co-created Yellowstone back in 2017, and the show has been a smash hit ever since. Yellowstone is currently in the middle of Season 5, which was split into two parts, with the latter part to be released in November (we hope). Yellowstone spawned two prequels, both of which were created and written by Sheridan. 1883 and 1923 set the stage for the Dutton family to acquire the Dutton Ranch and the troubles that ensue due to the land. Even though the Duttons' story won't continue past Season 5 on the original series, it hasn't slowed Sheridan down from creating other hit TV dramas.

Sheridan has several projects in the works, including Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, Land Man, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, 6666 and Special Ops: Lioness. A CIA drama, Lioness has attracted some A-list Hollywood stars, including Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman and Laysla De Oliveira. The show was released on July 23 and will have eight episodes. Sheridan's 6666 series hits close to home, as it focuses on the largest ranch in the Lone Star State, and also happens to be owned by Sheridan. 

Between all of his past, current and future projects, it's no surprise that Sheridan has amassed quite a large net worth. However, Sheridan likes to spend his money for his projects, his family and those around him. 

Here's just how much the cowboy-turned-Hollywood-man is worth. 

Taylor Sheridan's Net Worth

It is reported that Sheridan's net worth is somewhere between $50 million and $200 million. He made his early money from his movies Sicario, Wind River and Hell or High Water. When Sheridan first broke into the acting world, he was cast in some minor roles in Walker, Texas Ranger, Veronica Mars and Sons of Anarchy. It was Yellowstone that catapulted him to another level. It's not officially confirmed, but reports state Sheridan makes between $250,000 to $1 million per episode of the series.

Several of his upcoming series are in partnership with Paramount. He's scored two separate deals with ViacomCBS, the parent company of Paramount, for a total of $200 million. The deal includes his current and future projects with the network. 

He Owns a Business

Sheridan took his success from his acting, directing and writing career to start his own production company, called Bosque Ranch Productions. The company got its name from where Sheridan spent a large part of his childhood, Cranfills Gap in Bosque County, Texas. Bosque Ranch is a state-of-the-art equine facility that hosts cutting events and competitions. 

It's also been the set for some of the filming of Yellowstone. Sheridan's other ranch, The Four Sixes, has also been the set for Yellowstone and various other projects. Between his ranches, Sheridan makes quite a profit from filming. Sheridan charges Paramount $50,000 per week to film the iconic Yellowstone scenes. 

Sheridan also pulls in revenue from various cutting competitions, breeding programs and horse sales. The Four Sixes Ranch is known for its highly prized quarter horses, which can sell for upward of $100,000. Sheridan's horses are available to rent for filming, with horses costing $2,000 per head. 

He Spends His Money on Lavish Purchases

One of his most notable purchases was the Four Sixes Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. Sheridan, with other investors, purchased the 266,255-acre ranch in 2021 for just shy of $200 million, though its original listing price was $341 million. The Four Sixes Ranch had been in the same family since 1870. When the owner, Anne Marion, unexpectedly passed away, the ranch became available for sale. Before the property hit the market, Marion's estate personally reached out to Sheridan to offer him the first chance at owning the property. If Sheridan wasn't able to purchase the entire ranch, it would be split up and sold as individual parts. 

Regarding the call, Sheridan said, "'How much?' They said, 'It's $350 million.' And I'm like, 'I'm about 330 short. But please, you thought enough to call me, will you give me two weeks?'"

Sheridan partnered with investors for the remaining capital, but it remains unknown what the percentage of ownership breakdown is with the group. In the midst of the purchase, Sheridan recalled, "I was real rich for 45 minutes. Then I was broke again. That was the trade. ... I do the shows for the ranch." Sheridan was referring to the $200 million deal he scored with Paramount to produce a slew of other shows. 

While Sheridan doesn't directly profit from the money spent on his productions, he certainly does not cut corners to produce his best work. Paramount spends around $500 million producing all of his shows. It seems well worth it considering his shows bring in over 20 million views. 

But He Gives Back to the Community 

Even though Sheridan is worth millions, he hasn't forgotten his cowboy and ranching roots. When Sheridan was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2021, he offered up an opportunity for the two highest bidders to have their horses featured on Yellowstone. Sheridan was able to raise over $70,000 for the Hall of Fame's educational services. 

Both Sheridan and his wife Nicole are proud supporters of The Careity Foundation, an organization that helps cancer patients with financial obligations. In 2020, Nicole, who is an avid cutter, won a cutting competition to benefit the Careity Foundation. "My mare Sweetie and I won our first buckle," Nicole said after the event. "That was a special night. My grandma passed away of cancer. I was so proud to have won it for someone I loved."

In 2022, both Nicole and Taylor competed in the celebrity cutting tournament. Even some of the Yellowstone team gets involved in the charity. Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) and Christina Voros, one of the co-directors, both participated in the cutting tournament. In 2022, Smith even took home first place for high individual score. 

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