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Taylor Sheridan Wrote '1923's Cara Dutton Character After Casting Helen Mirren


Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has a knack for assembling star-studded casts, even without a script. With his latest spinoff series, 1923, Sheridan managed to secure both Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as leads, despite not having a script to win them over.

The Dutton family, the central characters in the cable television hit Yellowstone, has become a sought-after role for actors, akin to joining the Marvel universe. Mirren, an acclaimed actress, shared her experience of joining the cast during a panel hosted by Deadline and the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. She revealed that, for the first time in her career, she accepted a role without reading a script. Sheridan's reputation and the show's popularity were actually enough to persuade her to take the plunge.

In the spinoff, Mirren's character takes on a more significant role than initially teased. After a dramatic shootout in the third episode, Mirren's character is thrust into the spotlight, responsible for managing the family ranch and handling the aftermath of the attack. The actress also added a touch of authenticity to her character by incorporating an Irish accent, reflecting the diverse immigrant population during that time in American history.

Mirren praised the quality of the writing in 1923, emphasizing that the show's success is largely due to its engaging storylines and rich character development. Both Mirren and Ford are set to return for the second season, as the battle to protect the Dutton family's ranch continues.


Sheridan's ability to attract renowned actors like Mirren and Ford without even offering a script speaks to the power and allure of his storytelling. With the ongoing success of Yellowstone and the new spinoff 1923, fans can expect more adventures and family drama from the world of the Duttons. The next thing we all need to figure out is whether Kevin Costner has decided whether he's still involved or not.

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