Dolly Parton siblings
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8 Musically Talented Siblings of Country Music Legends

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or some country music legends, talent runs in the family. An impressive list of artists, from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton, were raised in large, rural families. Often, one or more siblings also took to music as a route from the farm house to a penthouse. Others lived comparably charmed lives, positioned to further the music of a famous parent.

The following eight artists exemplify the lesser-known yet talented siblings in country music's best-known families.

Tommy Cash

Johnny Cash's younger brother Tommy remains an active performer, often using his platform to pay tribute to his famous sibling. A former Hank Williams Jr. backing musician, the younger Cash brother made his own mark in the late 1960s with "Six White Horses" and other hits.

Allen Frizzell

A less obvious pick than Shelly West's duet partner David, the other brother of Lefty Frizzell rounds out one of the most talented sibling trios in country music history. Although Allen Frizzell sounds a lot like Lefty, he really sets himself apart from his older sibling when singing country-gospel.

Stella Parton

Dolly Parton famously grew up in the Smoky Mountains alongside her 11 siblings. Younger sister Stella definitely resembles Dolly, and they seem to share unwavering faith, a benevolent spirit and a cheeky sense of humor. The younger Parton sister charted several songs in the 1970s.

Stephen Pride

The youngest brother of Charley Pride is quite the singer in his own right. Stephen Pride shares the same blessing and curse as his famous brother's son, Dion. Both sound enough like Charley to intensify the comparisons that come with having a famous brother or father.

La Costa Tucker

Although she lacks the star power of her child star turned country legend sister Tanya Tucker, the artist billed simply as La Costa enjoyed her own mainstream run in the '70s. La aCosta's best-known song remains top three hit "Get On My Love Train."

Jay Lee Webb

The musical Webb siblings from Butcher Hollow, Ky. famously include Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and Peggy Sue. Musical talent didn't pass over the male members of the household, with brother Jay Lee Webb building his own reputation with a jokey response to Loretta's "Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)."

Dwight Whitley

This talented older sibling of Keith Whitley remained an active performer far beyond his brother's untimely passing. Much of Dwight's better material pays tribute to Keith, who passed away on the cusp of widespread stardom.

Jett Williams

Jett Williams, the child of a relationship Hank Williams had in between his two marriages, didn't even know her parents' identity for sure until her 21st birthday. She's made the most of her and half-brother Hank Williams Jr.'s family tradition since, touring at one point with a version of the Drifting Cowboys.

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