remind me to take attendance shirt

Teachers Will Thank You for This $16 T-Shirt (And Funny Reminder)

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Whether they've been teaching for two or 20 years, all teachers forget to take attendance sometimes. It was always funny having your teacher take attendance five minutes before the bell rang for lunch! Hey, I'm not a teacher, but I totally understand. When kids are doing TikTok dances at 9 a.m, you'll most likely be telling kids to calm down instead of thinking about taking roll. Grab this remind me to take attendance shirt for your favorite teacher or coworker!

This hilarious shirt is a funny gift for teachers of all ages, and it especially makes for a fantastic back-to-school gift.

Funny Teacher Life Remind Me To Take Attendance T-Shirt

I never judged my teachers for forgetting to take attendance! I mean, if I can forget my homework 10 days out of the school year, I can see how they can forget to take attendance every now and then.

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You can grab the unisex T-shirt in men, women, and youth sizes. Grab this shirt for your favorite high school math teacher who can memorize 20 formulas but can't remember to take attendance. The shirt should arrive in a few business days, so gift this funny teacher tee just in time for the new school year.

Your favorite educator will love this cute teacher shirt! Not only can you find the funny saying on short-sleeve tees, but you'll find them on tank tops, hoodies, V-neck shirts, crewnecks, and long-sleeve T-shirts as well. Be sure to check out the size chart when shopping.

School teachers with a sense of humor will adore this shirt. If you need a last-minute first day of school gift, you can't go wrong with this shirt.

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