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$24 'Yellowstone' Shirt Is a Hoot (Because We All Know John and Rip Would Get Things Done)

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Do you have your Yellowstone apparel ready for the new season? No worries, we've got you covered. This Dutton Wheeler 2024 shirt is going to be your favorite tee for the next few years.

Whether your favorite is Beth Dutton, Rip Wheeler, John Dutton, or Kayce Dutton, you're going to practically live in this Dutton Wheeler 2024 shirt. It's funny, plus, we all know John Dutton would get things done.

Yellowstone Elect Dutton Wheeler

The Paramount TV show is so darn good that people are buying funny Yellowstone tees like this, along with new products like tumblers, hoodies, bumper stickers, and even Christmas ornaments.

That's right, grab yourself a Yellowstone TV show ornament here, and don't forget, Halloween creeps up so quickly every year, so check out our guide on how to dress up as your favorite Dutton next year. Trust me, you won't just wear the Halloween costumes for the spooky holiday, you'll want to wear the Rip Wheeler-inspired jacket all fall and winter.

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Yellowstone Elect Dutton Wheelerdutton wheeler 2024


But for now, keep things casual for everyday wear with this Dutton Wheeler 2024 tee shirt or pullover. The pullover is my favorite! Also, grab a Yellowstone Dutton Ranch T-shirt for each family member today. They'll make great holiday gifts.

I think season four has everyone shaking in their boots already. For more Yellowstone graphic tees and unisex Rip Wheeler shirts, visit Walmart.

This post was originally published on July 29, 2021.