15 Beaming Sunflowers You Can Plant in Your Garden Now

Sunflower lovers travel all around the United States to visit sunflower fields. Sunflower fields in Texas and Tennessee all have one thing in common. Those fields are bright and huge! They may look like they're growing the same bright yellow flower, but they're not. There are over 70 species of sunflowers.

You can usually tell the difference between the plant by their size, and sometimes by color. (Yes, there are red sunflowers!) Dwarf sunflowers are about 2 feet tall, and common sunflowers are about 10 feet tall. Here's a simple guide to all the types of sunflowers you can plant in your garden.

Types of Sunflowers

1. Skyscraper Sunflowers

If you've ever visited a sunflower field, then you were most likely surrounded by skyscraper sunflowers. These tall flowers can grow up to 12 feet tall.

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2. American Giant Sunflowers

Look at this beauty! Plant an American giant sunflower for a bright and cheery plant that reaches up to 14 feet tall.

3. Sundance Kid Sunflowers

Sundance kid sunflowers are much shorter than skyscrapers! This gorgeous flower can grow up to two feet tall. Be sure to water your flowers often.

4. Sunforest Mix Sunflowers

The sunforest mix also consists of tall flowers. Many grow to reach 12 feet high.

5. Little Becka Sunflowers

These burgundy red flowers are stunning. They typically grow up to three feet tall. Add these bicolor flowers to your garden for a pop of color.

6. Pacino Sunflowers

Love tiny flowers? Then these sunflowers are for you! These dwarf sunflowers are usually around a foot tall.

7. ?Russian Mammoth Sunflowers

Russian mammoths are definitely one of the tallest sunflower types you'll come across. This type of sunflower can reach 12 feet! Wow.

8. Teddy Bear Sunflowers

Teddy bear sunflowers don't have dark centers. These fluffy plants are bright and yellow.

9. Suntastic Yellow Sunflowers

Plant some suntastic yellow sunflowers for 5-inch sunflowers.

10. Schweinitz's Sunflowers

Schweinitz's sunflowers aren't tiny, but they're not gigantic. They typically grow up to six feet tall.

11. Earthwalker Sunflowers

Hello, red sunflowers! Forget yellow petals. These beauties will bloom in late summer.

12. Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers

I'm loving these pink petals. These North American natives are the perfect summertime flower.

13. Moulin Rouge Sunflowers

These pollenless flowers have red petals and dark brown centers. They would look beautiful in your garden during the fall.

14. Chianti Sunflowers

Here's another sunflower with dark red petals. Chianti sunflowers typically reach up to four feet tall.

15. Italian White Sunflowers

We've seen bright yellow petals and red petals, but what about white petals? Italian white sunflower petals have white and light yellow petals.

These sunflower varieties are beautiful! Add a sunflower field day-trip to your summer bucket list.

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