Story Indiana

You Can Purchase This Indiana Ghost Town for $3 Million

About an hour south of Indianapolis is a tiny American gem of a town that is definitely worth more than what you'd think when you saw it. The 17.4 acre town of Story, Indiana is for sale for a cool 3.8 million dollars. Pony up and the whole place is yours.

Though the entire town's population is 3 people (and also four dogs) the town of Story, which is in Brown County, was once a thriving (though still small) town. It was founded by Dr. George Story in the mid 19th Century after he received the land from president Millard Fillmore. The small town had an old general store, a post office, a physician's office, a saw mill, and a grain mill. However, during the Great Depression, the town was devastated and lost nearly its entire population.

In the 1970s, a couple bought Story, Indiana for $65,000 and turned one of the old general stores into a bed and breakfast. In 1999, a lawyer named Rick Hofstetter, who works to preserve historic landmarks, bought the town and started working to make it a more appealing destination for tourists in the Hoosier State. Hofstetter, along with the two owners of the Story Inn, make up the entire town's population.

Well, that is, unless you count the ghost who haunts the Story Inn. Story, Indiana is a ghost town in both figurative and literal sense. Named The Blue Lady, she's actually the wife of the town's founder, George Story. Guests at the inn have recorded hundreds of encounters with her, and the inn has been named one of the most haunted places in the entire Midwest. They say that her eyes are hypnotically blue and that she smells of cherry tobacco and she leaves behind blue items. If you're feeling brave, you can stay in the Blue Lady room at the Story Inn and summon her by turning on the blue light by the bed.

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