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Spencer Wright's Wife Reveals What Caused Heartbreaking Accident That Claimed Their 3-Year-Old: "Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life"

Spencer Wright and his family are living a waking nightmare. They lost their 3-year-old toddler Levi following an accidental drowning. The young child drove his tractor into a creek on their property. Previously, it was reported a river.

The questions of whys and what-ifs haunt us all and plague every misfortune. What if you would have done this differently? What if you would have been there in time? Spencer Wright's wife Kallie is going through the wringer right now, and she places most of the blame on her shoulders. The parents have become targets for internet trolls recently as they as for privacy to grieve.

In a late night Facebook post, Kallie unburdened her soul by sharing those tragic final moments that led to her son's death. She explained that there's a creek and a concrete path on their property.

She wrote, "I'm writing this at 3 am, because per usual my mind is running wild. I'd like to share something vulnerable and hard. Unless you've been to my place it's hard to paint a picture of how something like this can happen. There is a creek that runs through our 24 acre property and separates our house from Grandma and Grandpa's, through that creek is a road made of concrete. It's how we've gotten to their house safely most days as sometimes our dirt road is a nascar raceway."

For years, Kallie watched her children safely cross this creek via the concrete path that runs through the middle. However, water levels change, and can spew over the concrete road.

Kallie Wright Says It Will Haunt Her Forever

Wright wrote, "My kids have rode their bikes, driven their ride on toys & even walked this way a million times. Water only runs through for a short time during the year and can change over night. Levi did not do anything he hasn't done before, but this time the water was at its peak & strong enough to push his tractor off the road into the creek as he drove through. He asked me to ride his tractor and I explained that grandma wasn't home, he shouldn't drive through the creek or the road and just to ride around the house. As he drove off, I ran back in the house. That's a decision that will haunt me for the rest of my life."

It's that decision that will haunt her. However, let's let the family grieve in peace. Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, mistakes bear a greater consequence and sacrifice. Nothing anyone says can lessen the burden that the Wright family feels right now.

Wright wrote, "In that moment he was my responsibility alone. Whether I went back to check on my sleeping baby, swap the laundry, wash a bottle or put away lunch, I honestly don't know. Whatever it was, wasn't more important than following him that day. Although I'm a firm believer that our stories are written long before we reach this earth & that our Lord will take us when he's ready, I will lose sleep over this for eternity but with this I know 3 things to be true. 1. I am not a perfect mom but I am a good mom. 2. My little boy loved me with all he had. 3. Never say never because it only takes seconds and it can happen to you too. I pray anyone who judges me or has hurtful words to say never finds themself on the receiving end of a nightmare like this."