South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller Implies Wife Died By Suicide But Family Isn't Convinced
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South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller Implies Wife Died By Suicide But Family Isn't Convinced

South Carolina Pastor John-Paul Miller has opened up about his wife Mica Miller's death. The pastor said he believed that she died by suicide. But, Mica's family isn't buying it.

Authorities found Mica Miller's body in Lumber River State Park on April 27. It was about an hour from their Myrtle Beach home. Investigators are currently looking into how she died, not revealing a cause of death. However, Miller told his congregation that Mica died by suicide.

According to the Pastor, she had been struggling with mental illness for several years. "She had struggled with suicide before. Each time we would help her through it and take her to the doctor, and we got through it and everything was fine," John-Paul told ABC 15. "She even gave a few testimonies here at church that we have on video. She battled suicide but God took care of her and got her through it."

Mica's Sister Calls Out John-Paul Miller

Miller's family found several aspects of her obituary odd. For instance, there was several mentions of her love for her husband and their marital bliss. However, according to her sister, that's far from the truth. She told people to not "not listen to false stories being shared about" her sister.

The obituary read, "She would praise her husband after every church service telling him he was the best preacher in the world (even if it wasn't true). She also told him he was the funniest preacher in the world (even though that wasn't true either). Mica loved her family soooooooo much."

However, Mica's sister said, "Mica was a God-fearing, joyful, loving woman who did not deserve the abuse she endured. If you hear anything about this from anyone other than her family please question it, reach out to her siblings or parents," she wrote.

Reportedly, Mica filed several separate support and maintenance requests with the state last year and earlier this month even. These requests allow for one partner to receive court-ordered support. Likewise, a friend described her final days.

"I talked to her multiple times in her final week here on earth," Mica's friend wrote on Facebook. "She was making plans to get her hair cut, getting help with her car payment because she was a little short after PAYING HER DIVORCE LAWYER and planning to meet us for the second service at church on Sunday. My final text with her on Friday at 9:19 pm was a woman making plans to live!!!! What happened between Friday night and Saturday?