Skybox Cabins Texas

Stay the Night in a Giant Bird's Nest at This Texas Hill Country Vacation Spot

Finding a unique getaway spot can take your trips to the next level. You'll get fantastic pictures to share with family and friends and special memories that will last a lifetime. That's exactly what you'll find at the Skybox Cabins in Glen Rose where you can actually stay in a bird's nest for $144 per night. 

Well, kind of. "The Nest" is an Instagram dream location out in the Texas Hill Country. The property is a one bedroom/one bathroom making it perfect for a couple wanting a weekend away. It comes with a treehouse as well as a bohemian bungalow, which features beautiful views of the cedar forest surrounding.

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The bedroom is so cozy and features southwest accents on the walls. The bedroom balcony has an actual birdhouse, where you can lounge on pillows surrounded by twinkly lights and take in the rustic feel and beautiful view. The balcony (which is visible from the bed) also has a table and chairs for you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. 

The little kitchenette has all the modern amenities you need with a sink, fridge, coffee maker and more. One thing to note is that this property does not offer wifi or a TV set. So that means your weekend away is all about unwinding and taking in scenic views. And who wouldn't want to take a nap in a birdhouse overlooking the Texas Hill Country?

You're also super close to downtown Glen Rose, Dinosaur Valley State Park and Fossil Rim, so you're surrounded by fun activities as well as the endless views. A lot of weekends are booking up the next few months so make sure to visit the AirBnB listing to reserve this cabin ASAP!

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