Video Shows Off Skillet With Multiple Compartments and I’ve Never Wanted Anything More

A hot breakfast can be one of the greatest ways to start your day. Fluffy eggs, crisp bacon, and buttery pancakes? They're staples when it comes to the first meal of the day. But while breakfast can taste absolutely heavenly, preparing it can feel much more like a chore. From sizzling bacon in a pan to flipping pancakes, you can dirty multiple dishes in your pursuit for the perfect spread— not to mention having to clean a grill afterward if that's how you like to cook. Fortunately, skillets with multiple compartments can help.

As per usual, TikTok has brought us the best way to get around the most frustrating part of making breakfast: all those annoying dishes. Enter the Master Pan. The Master Pan is a skillet with multiple compartments that lets you roll out breakfast at turbo speed. Each of its three areas lets you cook a different part of your meal simultaneously, which means the dream of a true one-pan breakfast can actually become a reality! Do you want eggs and your partner wants bacon? Kids want an omelet but you want scrambled eggs? Do it all in one pan in a flash, with the Master Pan.


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TikTok users have already discovered that this pan makes preparing your morning meal a lot less of a headache— especially if you have a choosy family. It might seem too good to be true, but various videos of the pan in action prove that the foods really don't mix together (which could be a real concern), and the construction is actually quite sturdy. But does it heat evenly so you can really cook each food without coming out with raw meat or runny eggs? It certainly looks like it, which means it's already made itself ridiculously useful.

All three sections are connected to a riveted steel handle which is covered with a comfy silicone grip. So if you need to hold the pan to flip pancakes or arrange your sausage links just so, you can do that without worrying about the multiple compartments clattering to the ground. No one wants their sunny side up eggs sunny side down on the kitchen floor.

Best Pan for Cooking Breakfast All at Once

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It's non-stick and stain resistant, which means no more scraping old eggs off of the side of your pan only to have to do it again the next day. And the next. And the next. But if something does happen to stick that you don't have time to clean up, or you don't want to mess with a sink full of dishes, toss the Master Pan in the dishwasher or just run it under hot water for a quick and easy clean. Plus, you can use it in the oven if you choose, which means even fewer steps for you to put a satisfying breakfast on the table for you or your friends and family, because the oven can handle all the heavy lifting.

The Master Pan may be perfect for breakfast, but it's not relegated to cooking your eggs and sausage. It's also great for segmenting your lunch and dinner, and it can handle anything from hamburgers to hot dogs and everything in between. Its real calling, though, as you'll see across TikTok, is the most amazing breakfast pan you'll ever find. Long story short, you need to purchase a Master Pan.

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