The Best Frozen Pancakes For Family Breakfast (Including my 2 Year Old's Ratings)

We've all heard the expression "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." While I happen to agree with this, I also believe no breakfast is complete without a full stack of piping hot pancakes. During the week, especially if you have kids, it can be challenging to get pancakes cooked and ready to eat before everyone heads out for the day. Homemade pancakes take about 45 minutes to prep and cook. It's not exactly a quick and easy meal for families with busy mornings.

If time is short, frozen pancakes can save the day. Unlike box mix pancakes, which still require prep and cook time on the griddle, frozen pancakes are ready to eat in minutes flat. One of the most difficult parts of making a pancake is consistency. I always find the sizes are different, the shapes are never perfect circles, and some are more "well-done" than others. Enter the frozen pancake. Each one is perfectly shaped and sized, eliminating the stress and hassle of doing it yourself.

Stack of delicious pancakes on white plate with fresh blueberries on and in bowl

To see which brand had the best-frozen pancakes, I baked them in the oven per the package instructions. All of the brands had microwave instructions too but I had the time to cook them all in the oven. I also ate them plain, without any syrup or butter to test them as-is. I wanted to get the flavor and texture in their purest form.

And, to ensure the pancakes would have a space at my breakfast table I had my two-year-old daughter give them a try as well.

Best For Keeping You Full: Kodiak Protein-Packed Power Flapjacks

Kodiak pancakes


These pancakes tout 14g of protein per serving of 3 pancakes. I assumed these would be itty bitty pancakes, but they were a decent size. The pancakes tasted like a healthy version of the classic. The whole wheat flour flavor was very strong, as it lacked the typical sweetness of a pancake. I was surprised when my daughter gobbled them up. I love that she can get a heavy dose of protein in pancake form.

Best Texture: Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs

Good Food

Good Food

These are Belgian-style pancakes that resemble a puff shape. These are so easy to transport and you can easily eat them on the go. If you like a fluffy pancake, these are the way to go. Their puffed shape makes them super fluffy and light. These would be the perfect snack or breakfast when you're running late.

Best Organic: HEB Organics Mini Pancakes

HEB Organics

HEB Organics

The first thing I said upon opening the box was "These are so cute!." Each pancake was the size of a toddler's palm. These pancakes had visible air bubbles which made each bite light and fluffy. They also had a sweeter flavor, making them sweet and delicious without needing any syrup. My daughter LOVED holding these in her hands and munching away.

Best Classic: De Wafelbakkers Buttermilk Pancakes

De Wafelbakkers

De Wafelbakkers

The taste of this pancake most reminded me of the ones I ate as a kid. They had a hint of sweetness without being overwhelming. These were pretty flat but airy and had crispy edges. If you want a taste of nostalgia, these are the pancakes to eat.

Best Overall: Eggo Buttermilk Pancake



I had high hopes for this based on their waffles being so classic. Eggo did not disappoint with their pancakes. These had the perfect trifecta; light and airy, buttery, with crispy edges. All of us tasters, toddler included, enjoyed these the most.

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