TikTok Egg Sandwich: Save Time With This One Pan Morning Hack

For most of us, making breakfast needs to be a fast thing to do. It should be delicious, but most importantly it needs to be quick. So to get it done we tend to make or grab the same thing five days in a row. A few slices of bread, bagels, and other carbs inhabit our diet in the morning because they're just so easy to grab. Unfortunately, delicious alternatives like scrambled eggs with feta, pan eggs, breakfast tacos, waffles, and egg toast tend to be thrown out in favor of faster things we can make at home. Fortunately, there's an egg sandwich hack that not only will speed things up in the morning, but change up your eating routine a bit. Here's the TikTok egg sandwich hack so many people are trying out.

TikTok Egg Sandwich Debut

When this breakfast sandwich video went viral, my first thought was, "Heck yeah, I need to try that!" Maybe it's the fact that toast and eggs are already a part of my daily routine, or that TikTok is just really good at making things seem quicker than they are, but the TikTok breakfast sandwich definitely caught my eye.

Since it's been trending, many people have reposted their own version of it. Thanks to Taste of Home, we have a video tutorial to follow.


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How To Make It

Think French toast, but not sweet at all. For this breakfast sandwich hack, you really don't need anything that you wouldn't already need to make a fried egg and toast.


  • Butter
  • 2 slice of bread
  • Eggs
  • Black pepper (and any other seasoning to your liking)
  • Cheese slices
  • Bacon (optional)
  • Veggies (optional)

First you're going to whisk 2 eggs in a bowl with seasonings, while the butter melts in the frying pan. Then pour the egg mixture into a pan and add cheese or additional seasonings on top. Afterwards, you can dip both pieces of bread in the mixture and lay each side flat on the pan. Let that cook on medium heat until the eggs are basically an omelette texture.

Next, you'll want to flip the whole thing over, leaving the eggs underneath the omelette. At this point, you can place a slice of cheese on top. Flip the eggs inward and flip one bread onto the other.

Voila, you now have an egg sandwich recipe all done in one skillet! Talk about an easy recipe, delicious breakfast, and fast clean-up.

This food hack can really be applied to any type of egg sandwich your heart desires. This TikTok egg sandwich recipe just happens to be an easy breakfast, but you can always up your game with more ingredients. How about trying it with a tortilla? It might not be a super healthy breakfast as is, but you can add veggies for a fast breakfast you don't have to feel guilty about.