Shania Twain Details How She Lost Her Virginity At 15 To Concert Crowd
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Shania Twain Details To Concert-Goers How She Lost Her Virginity At 15: "Way Too Much Information"

Shania Twain recently got candid and honest, perhaps too honest. The singer shared how she lost her virginity, telling the concert-goers all the details. Twain got caught up in the moment, revealing perhaps more than she intended.

"15th show? Oh my gosh, I love that. Fifteen, that's when I lost my virginity," she said while on stage. "I just want to explain, because I'm not saying that's normal. If it's my own child that's way too early, ok?"

Twain paused realizing what she just said. She then tried to explain herself, saying, "Let me explain, because I don't even know why that came out, but..." She revealed that she was living at a shelter at the time. She said, "We are living in a battered wives, battered woman's shelter. This is for real. Like I'm not trying to bring it down or anything, I'm just trying to like, explain. Yeah, I'm just being real."

It was just her and her siblings, saying, "So me, my mother and us, five kids, we're in a homeless...not a homeless shelter, but it's homeless. I mean it's a battered woman's shelter." That's when she met someone else her age. She took a liking to this boy. She said, "And I meet this other 15-year old boy,, no, he's not from Timmins, he's from Toronto, because the battered wives shelter is in Toronto. So that's a 13-hour drive from Timmins to Toronto."

Anyways, Twain summed it up as a lesson learned in parenting. She said, "Anyway, it's another long story, I'm not going to bring it down. But I just want to say that if you leave your kids alone too long and your parents are too preoccupied, you lose your virginity probably earlier than you should."

Shania Twain Opens Up About Honesty

She finally greed, "Ok that was way too much information."

However, she doesn't have any regrets about putting that out there. She later explained that the crowd made her feel comfortable. "I'm comfortable with the environment and I feel friendly with everybody, so I feel at home," she explained to People. She also shared with the outlet that she's excited by Las Vegas residency. "I'm not just relieved, I'm really happy."

"I was really able to enjoy the adrenaline, because adrenaline can also throw you off," she added.