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Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson Reveal Wildest Onstage Mishaps: 'I Was Commando'

Country music stardom isn't always glitter and rhinestones. Sometimes, it's horse excrement and wardrobe disasters. Just ask Shania Twain and Kelly Clarkson.

In a Feb. 2nd appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Shania Twain and the American Idol alum had a heart-to-heart about all the things that can go wrong in this business called show, and the list of near-disasters the country stars have encountered is lengthy. The final boss of stagecraft mastery? The quick change.

"There's lots of swearing in the quick change," Twain told Clarkson. "It's a scream, swear fest."

Clarkson agreed. The daytime talkshow host revealed that she's forsworn quick changes between sets ever since one particularly fraught onstage experience almost left her completely exposed while on tour.

"One time in my quick change, they forgot to do something," Clarkson recounted. "And I jumped around a lot on that tour, so my dress almost came completely off, and I was commando. So that would have gone real European beach real quick."

While Twain admitted to similar wardrobe malfunctions, the Canadian singer's wildest onstage mishap was a little less glamorous...and a lot more country.

"My horse is onstage, drops a big poop, and I mean it's big and it's steamy and it's stinky," Twain said. "I love horse poop, everything I own smells like horse poop, but it was just really awkward and so I had to just say, 'Well, s*** happens.'"

When nature calls, and all that.

Besides the demands of live performance, Twain and Clarkson discussed the importance of body positivity and self-love in the public eye.

Twain made waves last year when she posed topless for the cover of her single, "Waking Up Dreaming." The 57-year-old told People in 2022 that after going through menopause, embracing her age and showing some skin was "liberating."

With the release of her new album, Queen of Me, dropping Feb. 3, Twain settled on similarly freeing cover art. The album cover shows Twain on a horse, wearing a sheer, deep-V wrap dress and matching black cowboy hat.

"I'm like 'Ok, if I don't learn to love what I'm looking at in the mirror now, I'm gonna hate myself tomorrow," Twain told Clarkson of the empowerment she sought in posing for revealing photos. "So I did that photo shoot. I did a lot of nude photos, I forced myself under the lights in front of the cameras with the crew there taking these pictures. I'm marking this day as this is the best I'm going to look anyway forever so I might as well own that and enjoy it while I've got it at 57."

We'd expect no less from the legend who uttered the immortal line, "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"

"Queen of Me" drops Feb. 3. Tickets are on sale now for Twain's Queen of Me tour, kicking off April 15 at the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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